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Find the Perfect Zipper for Your Next Sewing Project

Find the Perfect Zipper for Your Next Sewing Project

Zippers can easily make or break your sewing project. Choose the wrong type and you can end up ruining the appearance of your cloth, bag, or anything you are working on. This is why find the appropriate zipper is a must to ensure the success of your sewing project. Two options you can come across are all-purpose zippers and invisible zippers. 

What are All-Purpose Zippers?

All-purpose zippers are the most popular and commonly available zippers out there. These are fairly lightweight zippers with tiny teeth. Their end comes with a lock holding together the zipper tape that prevents the ends from coming apart. 

An all-purpose zipper can be used as closure in many types of garments. Skirts, slacks, blouses, and dresses are the type of weight that needs an all-purpose zipper since it has the tendency of to bend with the garment. Heavier types of zipper would let the seam flow or bend with the garment line. 

New all-purpose zippers can be found in lengths of 4 inches to 24 inches at 2-inch intervals. These are available with metal or polyester teeth matching the zipper tape’s color the teeth are attached to. 

What are Invisible Zippers?

Invisible zippers are zippers with extremely fine teeth. These are sewn into garments in a way that makes them invisible and well hidden in the seam. The pull tab is the only part that remains visible and this is often less obtrusive or smaller compared to other kinds of zippers. There is no need for top stitching when invisible zippers are used. 

It is common to find invisible zippers in formal wear clothes. This will not distract from the flow or lines of a gown, for instance.

Invisible zippers cannot be found in numerous length variations unlike all-purpose zippers. These are not available in many colors as well. Since they are hidden in the seam, any color that is close will do. 

Unlike regular zippers, when sewing in invisible zippers, the seam is being sewn once the invisible zipper has been sewn. 

Whether you need all-purpose zippers or invisible zippers for your next project, you can find them all at Zipper Shipper


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