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Finding Fantastic Workouts with Frost Fit

Finding Fantastic Workouts with Frost Fit

Finding a perfect workout trainer can be as difficult as taking off that five pounds you have been talking about since last Thanksgiving.

This past weekend motivation was kick-started as adrenaline pumped through the veins of those lucky enough to experience the life changing Frost Fitness Formula Lab Interactive session.


Fitness expert and social media star, Patrick Frost, held a phenomenal workshop along with special guest Nutritionist Dr. Jaime Scher at Soho Strength Lab. Guests in attendance experienced special back to back sweaty sessions combined with skilled lessons in advance wellness advice. The room was full of athletes to novice group fitness enthusiasts who were led by the powerful leadership of the trainer.


Frost Fit Formula, created by Patrick Frost, is a group fitness event series that combines modern training techniques and sophisticated nutrition practices, with highly trained technicians and a unique community vibe. The New York City kick-start program was the perfect opportunity to bridge the summer to fall season full of healthy living steps that take one to the best body possible.

Many trainers will only look at the shallow depth of overall body composition when it comes to getting clients to take off weight. But, Patrick Frost is a much more sophisticated coach who wants to transform your muscles as much as your mind.


“There is a certain work ethic here,” said the world-famous trainer about his techniques for motivating a class. “I want people to support each other. I don’t want it to just be that I am the coach and you are the student. I want everyone to feel like we are on an equal playing field. As we go along I am focusing on the energy of the room and the energy of the person in front of me. It is about focus. You have to acknowledge the person and make them tune in to the moment and opportunity in front of them. This is a moment that can change you for the better.”

His classes and sessions are work – no doubt about it. You will sweat. You will ache. But, you will leave his room feeling accomplished. In the end, that is the biggest reward to training.


Patrick Frost is a certified Nike Master Trainer and a 7 year Master trainer of the famed Barry’s Bootcamp group fitness organization.  A Georgia native and a longtime New Yorker, Patrick found his love for fitness at age 13 and never looked back with certifications from the American Academy of Personal Training, FMS, Kettlebells, Myodetox.  Nike enlisted him as a Master Trainer in 2015 and the collaboration has led to training celebrities, performing large-scale workouts, and incredible photo shoots.

He finds strength, mobility and stability as the keys to longevity, moving changes to moving well and evolves into moving often.  This approach creates a foundation of strong and stable joints ligaments and muscle tissue that can articulate and support healthy movements, building the structure of personal evolution.

Get ready for more great upcoming workshops from the master and be sure to check out his Youtube series at home to get your motivation soaring.


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