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Finding Inspiration for Creative Writing

Finding Inspiration for Creative Writing

When broadly defined, creative writing could be referred to as a pursuit of artistic expression through the written word. Regardless of the genre, which usually includes non-fiction, poetry, prose, poems, and memoir, creative writing offers endless possibilities for particular forms of writing, as well as the development of a personal toolbox of skills, styles, and strategies. However, no matter how important your skills and writing techniques are if a creative writer is not inspired, there will be no final product after all.

Inspiration for writers is of great importance. Thanks to inspiration, a creative reader becomes a creative writer; inspiration sharpens and emphasizes our sense and develops an understanding of human nature. Inspiration also improves our capacity to appreciate nature, achieve mental discipline and spiritual connection to our writing. So, imagine being a creative writer who cannot get a grasp of their inspiration, and ultimately lose all of the benefits inspiration brings. If you’re reading this article, chances are your inspiration is nowhere to be found as well. Luckily, there are many ways you can find inspiration even in the toughest times of writer’s block. But, before we look into the details, make sure to hop over to for excellent writing services, tips and tricks you can use for your essays or papers.

Go for A Walk

Many studies have shown in the last few years that walking is one of the best ways to think and get inspired. Steve Jobs, for example, was known for his walking meetings, or William Blake and William Wordsworth were known as writers who couldn’t write if they didn’t go for a walk before. Creative thinking improves when a person is walking by 60 percent, so no wonder famous writers and thinkers spent so much time merely walking.

So, how does this actually work? First of all, you need to go for a walk, outside. Walking indoors, like on a treadmill is a form of exercise but doesn’t provide the same benefits as going for a walk in nature does. Walking outside is still an exercise, but for your brain. Therefore, when feeling uninspired by anything, make sure to go out for an at least 30-minute walk. If there are no sights of nature around you, it’s okay. Just the ability to breath in some fresh air, walk by numerous people, or becoming aware of your surroundings can be enough to boost your inspiration for the day.

Don’t Force It

It’s a common practice of many writers nowadays to force themselves to write, only to fill a quote for the day. However, this method can be energy and inspiration-draining because one is just not capable of producing so much work on a daily basis. Sometimes, people do have a good run and manage to write for an extended period of time, but after that ends, their inspiration seemingly cannot be restored. At that point, forceful writing seems like a solution. However, no quality work will come out of it.

Instead of forcing your inspiration upon your work, consider taking a break. Creativity comes in waves, and it is essential to be patient before it hits the shore. For example, if you need to complete two pages of writing in a day, and you can’t seem to think of anything interesting, just leave it. Go for a nap, or a walk; make lunch, enjoy some time listening to music or reading. It is important to distract your mind from the thing that triggers stress and hinders inspiration. After a few hours, or even days of taking your time, try writing again. You should be able to think of something interesting enough. If not, that is a sign you need more time off. However, don’t take advantage of this and use it as an excuse to be lazy and turn into a slacker. At some point, you’ll need to push yourself to write more than a few days off can do.

Good Read for Better Writing

Chances are that if you’re not a reader, you’ll have a hard time becoming a writer. Not because you won’t be capable of producing good work, but because you’ll have an extremely hard time getting inspired. By reading, you are gaining insight into other people’s writing process, imagination, thinking, and the things that get them motivated. You can always use other people’s writing for your own inspiration too. However, make sure to draw a line between getting inspired and copying someone else’s work.

So, make sure to go to the library or a local bookstore and find that one book or title you think will be a good read. Spend some time discovering the author and their writing style; learn about their creative background and the things that inspire them. You can always learn so much from writers that no one else can teach you. Once you’re done reading, spend some time thinking about the content of the book and what it means in respect to your life.

Figure Yourself Out

According to WritersDigest, there is no better way of finding inspiration than in yourself. You are the only person in this world you’ll ever truly know, and you should be aware of your uniqueness when compared to other people. So, what you need to do is finally embrace everything that might be a little awkward, quirky and interesting about you. Those things make you stand out, so use them for inspiration and for writing a piece that will also stand out.

Moreover, try finding your own voice, style, and things that have made you write at some point. This will allow you to become a writer in the first place; someone who can deal with their struggles, challenges and even victories uniquely and effectively. Finding inspiration and creativity in yourself is a guarantee your work will be unique and outstanding since we all are different, special and we have our own voice


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