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Finding the best web host for your photo blog dos and don’ts

Finding the best web host for your photo blog dos and don’ts

The steps needed to start a successful photo blog are very simplistic yet streamlined to follow. You can be a great photographer but having the know-how regarding running a blog about photography is entirely different. While you cannot have the quick expertise of being a website owner for photo blogs, you can still start from the very basics.

Here are some tips that can help you out.

Approach a hosting company

Either you can look for a sole web hosting provider or a web hosting company, the choice is yours. With the decision made, it is the time to settle on the type of hosting your photo blog would base on. Since blogging platforms require more data, bandwidth and storage, you should not consider shared hosting. It will be difficult to scale shared hosting into a cloud server or a dedicated host. It is better to just choose a scalable hosting type where storage space is more for pictures and content.

Find a domain name

The name of your blog is not only going to represent you online but it will also help you in sustaining and building a visible online presence. The name chosen for the website is the domain name. It can be both purchased and registered when finding the right hosting type. With the web host in hand, come up with creative ideas that shall fit to your blog postings the most.

Choose a blogging platform

Now after the two steps of hosting type and domain name are completed, you shall move on to the development of your website. Know that website design and development is not a quick process which cannot be done overnight. You would need to select a blogging platform initially. Blogging platforms are several and Blogger is a free platform but paid options are more secure and reliable. WordPress is used worldwide to create and design websites and according to Top5hosting powers more than 30% of the Internet. So, it is a better selection if WordPress is chosen as it will even bring more traffic. 

Give importance to website design

All your investments in website development will go to waste if you choose the wrong design template for your website. Free web templates are many but these are overused often. Several other website owners would be using them so you should get the website design custom-made. Surely, it will be a costlier option, yet it will be the most feasible in the long run. Your website will have a unique persona by which it will be remembered. Default design templates do not provide uniqueness so do not consider it.

Upload quality photos and content

Now on to the main domain of your photo blog – the content. If you upload copied content or violate copyrights by uploading photos that you do not own, your website can be reported and taken down. Never make such a huge mistake and only upload original work at first. With your very own content, you can easily build connections with your audience and capture their interests. Or if you chose to use content of others, never forget to give them credit in your posts. 

Know your blog niche

Since several photography blogs already exist online, you have to find something that makes you a lot unique than the rest. The only element that can make you stand out is your blog niche. Have firm focus on what to blog about and consider all such topics that you would want to share. If the blog topics have already been covered, you can merge two or more niches together to bring up something new.


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