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Fine Art Printing in NYC: A Beginner’s Guide to Art Printing

Fine Art Printing in NYC: A Beginner’s Guide to Art Printing

Want to know more about fine art printing in NYC? Start with these several tips that will be useful to anyone interested in this exciting process.

Beginner’s Guide to Fine Art Printing in NYC

You have probably seen many services related to fine art printing in NYC these days. They are becoming enormously popular. Why? The answer is quite simple: art printing is a rewarding process taking photographic enjoyment to a whole new level. Besides, it helps look more deeply into the image and in that way find a sheer inspiration. Moreover, due to so many options of fine art printing in NYC, everyone can improve their artistic vision, as well as the unique way of seeing the world.

What does fine art printing presuppose?

What is a fine art print? In a nutshell, it is an extremely high-quality print that combines the artist’s vision, archival paper, printing processes, and framing to transform the image into the powerful expression of photography. In many cases, fine art prints are reproduced in limited editions and then sold to art dealers and collectors. Such prints are also frequently exhibited at various gallery exhibitions.

A short guide to fine art printing in NYC

Here are several tips that will be of use to those interested in fine art printing in NYC.

Start with the basics

Fine art printing requires special archival quality ink or paint to produce the high-quality image on a surface, whether it is paper, cloth, or anything else. There are four basic types of printmaking: relief, intaglio, planographic, and stencil. Relief printmaking is known to be the simplest one.

As it has been already said, there are many reliable art printing companies and shops in NYC, so do not hesitate to ask qualified help from people able to guide you through the trickiest and toughest theoretical and practical aspects of art printing.

Calibrate your display and select the appropriate file settings

If you want to get perfect images with bright colors, you need to calibrate your computer display and adjust colors and contrast so that the prints look the same as they do on the screen. Apart from the display calibrating, do not forget to select the appropriate file settings that are required for printing your photographs at the best quality possible.

Let people know

Once your fine art prints are ready and you really like them, share your work with the world to let people know about what you do. Fortunately, there are many social media platforms and websites for this purpose.

How to ship fine art prints?

As mentioned before, limited edition prints are frequently sold to art dealers and collectors. Thereby, in addition to learning more about fine art printing in NYC, you should also learn about fine art shipping options to know how to ship your artworks properly. Safe and secure art transportation is a challenging process that requires the utmost care and close attention to detail. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you do not take unnecessary risks and hire a reliable fine art moving company for this job instead.

Art printing is an art form in itself, very exciting and interesting. Once you try it, you will never go back. However, since it requires a good knowledge of the many factors involved, you will need time to master all the elements. Good luck!

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