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First Time On A Cruise? Here Are 4 Tips To Help You Make The Most Of It

First Time On A Cruise? Here Are 4 Tips To Help You Make The Most Of It

The cruise industry is booming. The number of people vacationing on the sea steadily increases each year. For 2019, a projected 30 million people will take to the seas. 

Have you ever been on a cruise? Are you interested in finding out what all the fuss is about?

What should you know before you go? Check out these indispensable tips for your first time on a cruise.

1. Do Your Research

Going on a cruise might seem like a great way to get out of planning your vacation. But if you truly want to get the most out of enjoying your vacation, you have to do at least a little planning.

Research the ports of call you will be visiting before you head out. Take a look at the timeline you’ll have and determine what activities or sights you’d like to do or see. There’s nothing worse than squandering your time because you weren’t prepared.

Even better, book your onshore excursions ahead of time. Not only can you save money but also you’ll avoid the hassle of buying excursions at the same time as everyone else on board.

2. Pack Your Carry-On Wisely

You could end up waiting for your luggage to reach your cabin for a while after you board. Think about what you’ll be doing that first day and pack your carry-on to include what you’ll need.

For example, if you plan to veg out by the pool, pack your swimsuit and sunscreen. Also, your travel documents and necessities like medications should go in your carry-on.

3. Avoid the Lines

You’re going on vacation to enjoy your time seeing the world, not standing in line. Avoid going to do anything right when it opens. For instance, plan to arrive an hour before the boarding window closes, rather than right at the beginning with everyone else.

Same thing when it’s time to debark. Many cruise lines let people who can carry all their luggage debark early. However, since most people opt for this route, the lines tend to be long.

Enjoy a leisurely meal while everyone else is standing in line and debark at your cabin’s normal time. You can even start daydreaming about where you’ll go on your next cruise.

4. Interior or Balcony Cabin?

If you’ve never been on a cruise before you don’t know what to expect. Rest assured, for your first time an interior cabin will keep you happy.

Most people don’t hang out much in their cabin their first time on a cruise. There’s far too much to see and do. Paying the extra money for the balcony might not be worth it. It can be a way to save enough to make luxury cruise packages more affordable for you.

That being said, the experience in a balcony cabin is unparalleled. If you do plan to spend time in your room the extra money may be totally worth it. There’s nothing quite like a leisurely morning with an ocean view.

Ready for Your First Time on a Cruise?

The vacation experience aboard a cruise ship is delightful. Your first time on a cruise almost assuredly won’t be your last time on a cruise. Follow these tips to help make your experience the best possible. 

Ready to plan your next trip? Check out this guide to making a travel bucket list.


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