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Five Easy Tips on How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party 

Five Easy Tips on How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party 

Most people dream of having a surprise party for their upcoming birthday. Giving your friend a surprise party means that they matter in your life since you exerted much effort in doing so. Setting up a surprise party seems simple, yet there are many factors to consider, so it needs a little planning and organizing. Here are some simple steps to consider before throwing a surprise party. 

Know your theme

In setting up a birthday party, always be aware of the theme. Before deciding, it is best to consider the hobby of the celebrant. You can ask the guest to dress up in connection with the theme that you have set up. Having a specific theme will help you decide on what decorations to buy.

Plan the food that you will serve 

In preparing the meals, you still need to consider the theme that you have set up. Let us say you want to have a beach party; you can prepare food like barbecues, cocktails, sandwiches, nachos, and more. If you lack time and resources, then you can have food delivered from places like kosher restaurants Manhattan offers, so the guests can enjoy excellent food choices.

Plan the venue, date, and time of the surprise party

In setting up a surprise party, it is best to set the occasion on a different date. Also, you can ask the celebrant if they are available at a specific time but make sure that they will not find out about the party. If not, you can reschedule the date and consider the guests’ availability to make sure they can attend the surprise party. The venue should be booked in advance to make sure that the party will go ahead. 

Make a guest list

When making a guest list, you must consider if the celebrant would love to have a huge celebration or just an intimate party. If the celebrant loves to socialize with many people, then you can invite a group of people that they usually hang out with. If the celebrant wants an intimate party, then close friends and relatives will be enough. If you have no idea what kind of party they want, then you can casually ask but do not be too apparent.

Start inviting the guests 

You can ask people by making phone calls and sending them a personal message through social media. As much as possible avoid sending any card invitations because someone might accidentally forward it to the celebrant. Do not forget to inform the guests that it’s going to be a surprise party, to avoid ruining the surprise. Advise the guests as well to arrive earlier than the planned time so that the celebrant will not have any idea of what is about to happen within the next couple of hours. 

Lastly, on the day of the event, you will need to seek help from an accomplice to meet the guests at the venue, since you should be the one who escorts the celebrant towards the site. Make sure that the party will be a very memorable and surprising day for the birthday celebrant.


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