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Five Great Do-It-Yourself Home Plumbing Projects

Five Great Do-It-Yourself Home Plumbing Projects

Five Great Do-It-Yourself Home Plumbing Projects

Having a home allows for a great deal of personal creativity. However, it also requires an investment of both time and money. That is why many homeowners look to find as many places as possible that they can save money. 

Do-It-Yourself projects for homes have become more common in the last two decades with the advent of the internet. With a host of online DIY home repair videos and several high-powered reality T.V. shows that focus on home repair, homeowners have more opportunities to accomplish DIY projects than ever before.

There are also a wide array of blogs and online magazines that help teach homeowners how to repair hundreds of things around the home. While not everyone is handy, there are things that many homeowners can do on their own that do not require extensive mechanical knowledge.

This is the case with several important yet easy Do-It-Yourself plumbing projects. Certainly, major plumbing concerns should be handled by a licensed professional plumber. However, there are some great Do-It-Yourself Plumbing projects that require just a few basic materials, a little bit of time and tool savvy.

Homeowners who take the time to learn some of the basics for Do-It-Yourself plumbing projects can save themselves hundreds of dollars. Many of these projects are typically done by handymen and plumbers but can easily be done by a homeowner. 

The top five Do-It-Yourself plumbing projects include:

• Installing New Shower and Faucet Heads

• Replacing Broken Toilet Handles

• Installing New Toilet Seat Tops

• Unclogging a Drain

• Replacement of Caulking Around a Tub 

Installing New Shower and Faucet Heads-This is a great and easy project for homeowners. Over time, faucet heads and shower heads can get clogged with particles. This can reduce the amount of water flow that comes through them. For people who have hard or soft water, clogged shower and faucet heads are common.

Homeowners should also pay attention to leaks on faucets and showers. Both shower and faucet heads can become leaky around the threads which is usually a good time to look at replacing them. While this may seem like a project for a plumber, this is a very easy Do-It-Yourself plumbing project.

Both shower heads and faucet heads are put in their base by screwing them in. By unscrewing them going counter-clockwise, they should come off easily. Most shower and faucet heads come in standard sizes at their base so getting a replacement is not a difficult task. 

If you have any concerns about the plumbing pipe dimensions, measuring the width of the pipe or the shower head base will usually ensure the correct size is purchased at the hardware store. The shower head and faucet heads are easily removed and can be taken to a hardware store for an exact fit.

Additionally, newer shower heads and faucet heads are made to conserve water without compromising output. This is a wonderful advantage and helps reduce water consumption. Homeowners who are trying to save money on their water bill should also consider buying a Conrad Martens Solar Hot Water Heater. This hot water heater can save a homeowner hundreds of dollars a year on their electric, oil or gas bill.

For people who want to filter out impurities, special shower heads and faucet heads can be purchased that help to filter out impurities as well. The water main does not need to be turned off to replace a shower or faucet head. However, the water should not be running when this task is being completed.

Replacing Broken Toilet Handles –Handles on toilets can break over time. The good news is replacing them is very easy. New toilet handles are sold at almost all hardware stores. Instructions on removal and replacement come with each handle. Once you open the toilet tank, you can easily see the handle hardware. 

The removal of broken toilet handles usually requires minimal tools. In fact, in most cases, a screwdriver will suffice. Almost all toilet handles come in a standard size so ensuring a correct fit is not complicated. For people who have concerns, removal of the older handle first is recommended. This handle can be brought to the hardware store for an easy match up to a replacement.

Installing New Toilet Seats –This task is very easy and usually only requires a screwdriver as well. The most important part of this task is making sure you get the right size toilet seat. Before purchasing a new toilet seat, getting a measurement of the old seat is vitally important to ensure the correct size replacement is purchased.

Homeowners that have concerns over buying the correct replacement size can take the old seat cover and the dimensions of the seat base width and length to the hardware store. This should be sufficient information to ensure the right replacement size is purchased.

Unclogging a Drain – This is one of the most common plumbing calls that professional plumbers get. While unclogging a drain may seem daunting, the first step is to remember using a drain de-clogger should be considered the last resort. 

Since many clogs are from hair build up, they often can be cleared up by the removal of clogged hair through a drain snake. Most hardware stores sell drain snakes which can come in a variety of lengths and capabilities. Drain snakes are either manual or electric. The electric drain snakes are what most of the professional plumbers use. 

The snake is either manually wound into the drain or pumped in electrically. Then the drain snake is wound back out and usually will have a large amount of hair, sludge, and debris which will unclog the drain once it is removed.

Replacement of Caulking Around a Tub – Bathtub and shower areas are prone to water buildup and pooling. Without proper caulking at the tub or shower base, water can permeate into the surrounding walls and leak into flooring. This can cause damage to sheetrock, flooring, and sub-flooring. Over time, caulking will pull away from the tile and flooring and allow for water leakage. This is when replacement is essential.

Caulking guns and caulk are sold at almost all hardware stores along with instructions for use. Removal of old caulking is easy and only requires a paint spackle tool. Once the old caulking is removed, the new caulking should be placed in a straight line along the connection between the tub and the wall and the tub and the floor.

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