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Five Ways to Be a Better Salesperson

Five Ways to Be a Better Salesperson

When it comes to being a salesperson, some people seem to be born with a knack for it, while others need to work a lot harder to be successful. If you feel you fall into the latter group, or are always on the lookout for ways to improve your salesmanship, there are a number of ways to do just that.

Whether you must reach a certain sales quota at work, are trying to start your own company or hope to boost your sales figures, the following tips can help:

Listen to Your Customers

When you are trying to convince someone to buy a product, you may be so focused on talking and explaining you might forget the other side of this equation: listening. Truly listening and focusing on what your clients are saying can really help you become a better salesperson. In addition to learning more about your customers and what they like, need and expect in a product, your ability to listen and react appropriately to what your customers are saying will make them feel more comfortable around you, which can lead to greater sales. The cool thing about this tip is that you can practice it all day — from concentrating on what your kids are telling you about school to listening closely and responding when the person behind you on line at the store tells you all about her holiday plans.

Consider an Online Course

While you may want to take classes that teach how to be a better salesperson, you are already super busy and don’t really have the time to drive to a brick and mortar school. Fortunately, there are online courses that will offer you valuable advice on how to boost your sales. A great example of this is the recently-launched Amway Education, that was designed with the company’s independent business owners in mind. In addition to teaching you what it takes to be successful working for Amway, Amway Education goes beyond this topic and covers things like how to read body language, how to communicate across cultures and other related areas that will all help you to be a better salesperson. The four-part online program can be completed during your spare time; each video is short and offers easy-to-learn and essential strategies about optimizing your sales and other business topics.

Break Your Big Goal Into Manageable Chunks

It can be easy to tell yourself “I really need to improve my sales numbers and close more deals.” However, this type of goal is so vague, it can be hard to determine how to make this happen. Instead, write down more specific “activity goals” that you would like to meet and that you can control, for example, calls per day and proposals per month. Then using these figures, set “results goals” like X number of sales per month and a certain amount per sale. These goals you can track more closely and use the results to determine if you are meeting you overall desire to improve your sales numbers.

Practice Your Pitch

Athletes and musicians practice until they have something (almost) perfect, so why not salespeople? Try out your current pitch on a variety of people and ask them for their honest feedback. You might find that your older female neighbor loved what you are saying, but your young nephew thought you were missing the boat on some important points. Use this constructive criticism to tweak your sales pitch until you can reach as many customers as possible.

Never Stop Learning

As you continue in your sales career, remember that the more you know about what you are selling, the better you will do. Whether you are selling cars, insurance, clothing or alarm systems, strive to read up on these industries and the current trends. If you are just starting out in sales, having as much knowledge as possible about a certain field will help you as you start your job and help you to be successful.



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