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Florence, Italy: Where to Eat and Stay

Florence, Italy: Where to Eat and Stay

Florence remains the cradle of Renaissance, and it has been one of Europe’s great art cities with different exquisite art and architecture, it might look somehow difficult to know where to start. Although Florence is a lovely city with glamour and vibrant restaurant and a lively cultural movida that goes beyond old masters to embrace opera, with classical music, contemporary art, and many more. All these shows how Florence is one of Europe’s most civilized long weekend destinations and vacation.

Selecting where to eat and stay is an important part of planning any vacation. However, it is also important to look closely at reviews of every place that you are considering as well as what types of things that you are looking for in hotels in Florence, Italy. There are many options to choose from to fit your needs and desires by planning your vacation in this location.

As in many vacation destinations across Italy, some of the hotels in Florence, Italy belong to the typical chains that exist all over the country. Even though, these places generally offer customers typical hotel rooms that are perfect for the person who will be spending little time other than sleeping. These hotel chains provide various amenities, and it is very important for one to decide which ones are important to make their vacation special and memorable.

So, you’re headed to Florence, Italy and want to know where to eat and stay. Seems to be a tough call? Hotel Brunelleschi suite with jacuzzi is your perfect option having one of the most romantic and enchanting restaurant, bistro, and cafe in the world, not to mention the food. One can’t think of the Hotel Brunelleschi suite without thinking of the food! Their elaborate dishes, amazing cheeses, crusty, flavorful bread are known all over the world. Whether you are good cheeseburger or into foie gras, the Hotel Brunelleschi got you covered.

Where to eat in Florence is only limited by your own imagination. Hotel Brunelleschi caters to travelers by providing not only comfort zone and local fare but food you can find back home as well. And, the menus usually have an English section, so you know exactly what to order with ease. Their servers are well versed in English as well. This beautiful style of eating gives you an opportunity to have a mixture of local flavor mixed with the comfort of home.

Provision of the lovely courtyard by the entrance. The ground-floor living room where breakfast is regularly served in the morning is filled with light reflection. Beautiful kitchen for guests which are used as a constant supply of biscuits, the wherewithal for making tea and coffee, and a fridge. Hotel Brunelleschi suite and her international, female team are perfect hosts, sharing their Florence knowledge with charm and enthusiasm with the warm welcome extended to everyone, including family groups.

Hotel Brunelleschi is a perfect mix of elegance and warmth, they offer elegant classic-contemporary rooms and exceptional services from a welcoming female team, providing a home-from-home feel that draws guests back time after time.


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