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Florida’s Trailblazing Real Estate Expert Ken Klein of QKapital Group Celebrates 20 Years with Launch of New Commercial Division

Florida’s Trailblazing Real Estate Expert Ken Klein of QKapital Group Celebrates 20 Years with Launch of New Commercial Division

If you live in New York City there is no doubt that you have heard about the booming real estate market in Florida. While other regions in America may not care as much about a burgeoning market away from their home base, the exact opposite is found in New York state. Everyone from Manhattan the Hamptons knows someone who has moved, bought, or opened a business in the Sunshine State in recent times.

When an individual makes a transition from north to the south – or even just looks to expand across state lines – they turn to one man. Ken Klein of Q Kapital uses his knowledge and wisdom to help navigate the experience. The businessman is deeply respected for the honorable work he has done for the last few decades. 

QKapital partners Mauricio Ordonez, Gaston Schneider and David Hassan lead the way with Klein as they oversee the top Florida business that specializes in lending to foreign national buyers that wish to purchase in Florida. Not limited, they also are well-known for their work with American buyers who come from places like New York City to establish a new property.  

Klein states about QKapital Group, where he is now launching a new commercial division, “We are very unusual in that we’ve captured the foreign national market, which is very unique in itself.”

QKapital is one of the top real estate lending firms in South Florida. The firm ranks among the top lending companies in Florida because of the dedication it has made to the business. With a network of more than 30 American and international banks, the future only paves a way for prosperous growth.

“We guide people who are from other countries – especially in Latin America – to acquire finance in both residential and commercial.,” he says. ‘Many people throughout Latin America or even in Europe are unaware that they can acquire property here and receive financing as well as anyone living here all their lives. So, they’re learning that the foreign national market is the center of Miami. And that’s where most of the concentration is. This is the case for Sunny Island, Belle Harbor, Surf Side, Miami Beach and Brickell. Most of these tall buildings you see here are from the foreign national population.”

The businessman has a deep understanding of the power of international commercial real estate investments and what is destined to stand out in future markets. Klein has many creative ideas when it comes to business and how to have meetings with other potential dealmakers. He and his partners at QKapital, work together harmoniously at the mortgage lender firm in Florida. 

Currently, Klein has several exciting financing deals that are bringing high-end projects to the Miami area. Lucrative projects include the Serena Hotel Aventura, which is a new state-of-the-art, mixed-use project featuring retail and office spaces. He is also helping launch the groundbreaking MichaelKrymchantowski Wynwood luxury hotel project, which the media has enthusiastically been discussing in headline news. 

His company QKapital has captured over $400 million in residential and commercial loans combined in the past year alone. Their expansion in the recent quarter is impressive with closing over $3 billion with over 1,900 global loans that include financing with Latin America, Asia, Europe, and North America.

Klein is simply one of the foremost experts in the market for Americans and foreign nationals financing for both residential and commercial properties. There is no slowing down his prosperous work as he expands his business now and into the bright future of Florida.

As the businessman explains on his anniversary the grand hope that this grand growth will continue is on target. The evolution of finance has changed. It used to be that you had to go to one bank and get money in one way, and now a lot more involved and more possible ways to create a successful property transaction. 

“The future for me is that I continue to finance a lot of construction going on, and that at the same time I see that many more nationalities are coming to town,” he reveals. 

As Klein looks back at his trailblazing career, he knows that his life has been a grand adventure. From living in New York City to moving down to Florida at the start of his work life, he himself is a perfect example of the transition from north to south that can create a shiny new existence. Anything is possible in the current market, especially with this trailblazer leading the way. 

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