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Flos Lighting; A great Invention

Flos Lighting; A great Invention

The FLOS lighting is the consideration of every house designer as soon as they plan a map. These are invented in the 1960s; hence an enlightening idea that brings light to ornamental purposes. This elegant lightening idea arises from Italy, in a small yard that it became the world’s most famous company in the future.

Then after this revolutionary innovation, the FLOS lighting becomes advance with new designs of different kinds of lamps. These lamps in various shapes make a remarkable market for homes, offices, and compartments as soon as they arrive.

What are different kinds of FLOS Lightings?

After the invention, it was required to modify this idea for modern housing designs. The various lighting types made it possible for interior designers to use these FLOS everywhere. 

On the same way, history tells; the inventing company hired most famous interior designers for modification of these lights. They revamp the designs to table lamps, Arco lights, and Ktribe Tubes.

Whereas, some typical designs that made a revolutionary trap for house makers and designers. Although the designs may vary their purpose remains the same; that is the conversion of electrical energy to light energy. 

●     Lamps

The first design that arises, was the lamp design after FLOS invention. The lamps also have a variety of colors and design like

●      Table lamps

The table lamps are the most useful form of lightning, for office or study tables. These lamps also come in various shapes of headstands. Round, rhombic and squares are the most common forms.

●      Straight Floor Lamps

The floor lamps are other forms of FLOS, they are used for lightening the side of reading chair or sofa. Straight Flos lamps don’t take much space and are functional at the same time.

●      Wall Lamps

The hanging wall lamps are another idea besides the running area. The corridors are another place for these.

●     Glow Bulbs

The rounded glow bulbs are a very elegant form that also comes in the various casing. The outer holder of glow balls has variety too like the bowl shape or hollow tubes. 

●     Track Lights

FLOS track lights are also famous for the house’s balcony or corridors. The kitchen walking area is also a great idea to fit track lights. Hence, it is highly recommended to use these track bulbs in bulk and scatter them all over the way of traffic. 

●     Ceiling Lights

The ceiling is the best location for lightning, as this part of the house or building reflects the light to all over the room. Ceiling lights also comprise of FLOS that heads towards the ground, providing the best possible glow to the room.

However, with the modern time Ceiling lights are losing their importance due to multiple other options. But still, they have their own demand in the market, as the ceiling provide stability to any area. 

Today the numerous FLOS lights ideas are present for home interior betterment. The purpose is only one to make the living areas beautiful, glorious and visually spacious. Hence, only proper knowledge is required to arrange these designs in the good forming image.


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