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Focusing on the present moment promotes mental wellbeing during COVID-19 – Go the Ram Duriseti way

Focusing on the present moment promotes mental wellbeing during COVID-19 – Go the Ram Duriseti way

Check random social media updates, and you’ll find status messages of people claiming 2020 to be a cursed year. The novel coronavirus has made life come at a stand-still. It has negatively impacted the global economy. First, there were job uncertainties, and now there are pay cuts as well. The constant lockdowns haven’t proven useful in several states and countries across the world. The COVID-19 positive cases are still on the rise, and the medical fraternity is yet to develop a definite cure. All these are enough to create a sense of uncertainty, unrest, and mental imbalance. The only way out probably is to take one day at a time and concentrate on the present moment.

Ram Duriseti suggests staying in the present moment

We’ve all heard about the benefits of practicing to focus on the present moment. Popular books like “The Power of Now” are dedicated to this practice. Life presently has come to a point where we deliberately have to make this a way of our lives for our mental peace and well-being. Are you thinking about how to go about it in your daily life? If yes, you can follow what Ram Durisetia clinical expert, has to share.

  1. Daily breathwork is essential

Practicing to stay focused in the present moment starts with necessary mediation and breathwork. Take out time anytime during the day, preferably in the morning and connect with your breath. You can follow the normal breathing in and out practice and observe your breathing patterns. It will help you focus on the sounds around and gradually cancel out the distractions. Practicing it in the morning sets the pace for the day and helps you to cancel out any fearful thought projections. You can do this every time you have an unsettling thought. 

  • Cook a meal for yourself

Take time out and cook one meal for yourself. It could be a salad, a smoothie, or a baked dish. Make sure that when you are cooking you are entirely invested in the activity. Get immersed in the act that any other concern fades away. Relish the meal you’ve prepared for yourself. It will help you feel good about life and realize that you can stay focused on the present moment with simple mind tactics. You have the power to cancel out external distractions that lead to mental disturbances.

  • Start writing a journal

To stay focused on the present moment, you need to stay connected to your feelings and emotions. Writing opens you up to your inner world. Most of the time, we feel unsettled because we don’t speak up and share what’s in our minds. The practice of journaling will help you to express yourself and streamline your thoughts. You will feel calmer within and more driven than ever. Journaling eventually leads to goal setting for one day at a time, which helps you to live in the present moment.

Till such time the medical world comes up with a cure for the pandemic, staying calm and invested in the present moment, seems to be the cure. It helps to organize your mind and life to help you live peacefully and in good health.


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