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The holidays can be one of the most difficult times of the year to stay on track with your fitness goals. There are many distractions, and over-indulging in food, snacks and alcohol can be a major setback. But instead of throwing all of the hard work out the window, now is the perfect time to make a solid resolution to take care of your body, and end the year strong. In this article, we are going to give you tips on how to keep your fitness goals during the holidays.

1. Be Active

Your main goal should be to stay active during the holidays. When you’ve family or friends visiting, there’s a tendency to sit around a fire, consuming alcohol or beverages, and talking about various topics. But instead of doing that, you should take advantage of the available opportunities to sneak in some exercises and activities.

For instance, you can pass time with activities like biking, hiking, kayaking or abseiling if you are in mountainous areas, or you can head to the sea for some snorkeling and surfing. If you are not a thrill seeker, yoga on the beach, long walks and even swimming can also help keep you fit. In, find out how you can stay in good shape with a wide array of cardio and weight-lifting exercises.

2. Find a Workout Buddy

You might not realize it, but there might be lots of folks around you who are also struggling with holiday time fitness goals. You can find them, buddy up and form a strong accountability team. You can encourage each other to meet up for post shopping trip runs or pre-dinner workouts. You can encourage each other to maintain exercise routines, and enjoy snacks in moderation.

Alternatively you can find support by attending group classes. Many healthy resorts and hotels are now offering group classes, where you can join in like-minded folks on a similar journey. That said, it’s important to note that, maintaining your fitness goals is not always easy and you’ll need all the support you can find to keep going when the body tells you that you cannot.

  1. Hydrate

You should not underestimate the importance of staying hydrated. Many times, dehydration can actually trigger hunger pangs. Therefore, drinking water will not only help reduce dehydration related cravings, but can also curb over-eating. Before indulging in any holiday meal, try and drink a glass (or 2) of water. This water will help you feel much fuller faster, which means you’ll consume fewer calories.

  1. Set Yourself a Goal

Utilizing your holiday time to reach your fitness goals will leave you feeling proud and happy of a holiday well spent. You should consider setting process goals, i.e. smaller, actionable goals which you can tick off your list daily. This will help bring you closer to your fitness goals. Some examples of goals to set can include; workout for 35 minutes daily, lift weights 2 a times week, do 15 pushups every day, among others. Focus on executing the process goals during the holiday period, and chances are you will be happy with the final result.

5. Plan All Your Workouts in Advance

You know that your schedule is going to be rather hectic over the holidays. You will probably be cooking, shopping, cleaning, wrapping gifts, traveling, sending cards, visiting family, going to parties, entertaining. etc, and this will take away from the time you’d normally spend working out. As such, thinking ahead and properly scheduling your workouts will help you get your workout routine going during the holidays.

6. Take Your Nutrition Seriously

Any loss of overall fitness, size or strength you happen to experience during holiday is likely due to poor nutrition. All of the physical development is mainly dependent on proper nutrition, and holidays is one of the times when good nutrition flies out the window. Even if you feel like indulging when on holiday, you should try to limit the treats and choose to refuel with healthy nutrition. For example, with some healthy snack ideas you avoid gaining fat and weight. By doing so, you will be able to perform your best when it comes to staying fit.

If your fitness goal is on building more muscle, make sure you get adequate protein, and if you are after fat loss, you should limit your indulgence in the desserts. It is also a good idea to take some multivitamin with you when on holiday so as to prevent nutrient deficiencies.

7. Keep Fit While Exploring the Surroundings

You can maintain your fitness by exploring your surroundings. You can do this by going for a walk or a jog around your area. Disguising fitness as an exploration will not only help you meet your fitness goals, but will also help you familiarize with your new bearings, and you may even find a lesser known hot spot to explore later on during your holiday.

8. Try Short, High Intensity Workouts

One fun way of maintaining your fitness is cutting the number of workouts in a week, shortening the time, and pushing harder with higher intensity interval-workouts. One research study showed that 2 and 1/2 hours of sprint interval training in a week produced similar bio-mechanical muscular changes to 10 and 1/2 hours of endurance workouts, with the same endurance performance benefits.

This means that by sprinkling in 1 or 2 short and hard efforts every week, you will be able to maintain your fitness during the holidays, boost the body’s metabolism, and keep things fresh.


Jackie Siegel’s New Premium Brand, Queen Of Versailles Coffee Is A Luxurious Coffee Delight



Jackie Siegel, American heiress and businesswoman AJ Catsimatidis, Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe and brand partner Michael Glovaski

I was invited to an intimate tasting of a fabulous new premium brand coffee co-hosted alongside Queen of Versailles Coffee’s Brand Partner, Michael Glovaski. I headed to 8 East 48th Street to Benny John’s where socialite, actress, model and philanthropist turned entrepreneur, Jackie Siegel — AKA, ‘The Real Queen of Versailles’ brought her new venture Queen of Versailles Coffee to New York’s influencers.

Jackie Siegel

The ground coffee and espresso beans are picked, sorted, and specially blended on-site in the volcanic mountaintops in Acatenango, Guatemala. The flavor has a rich taste of sweet honey, warm vanilla, and smooth bourbon notes. It was truly the best coffee I have ever tasted.

American heiress and businesswoman AJ Catsimatidis, Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe, and Suzanna Bowling

Adam Weiss and Angela Gorman

On site was also American heiress and businesswoman AJ Catsimatidis, Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe, the writer of the new musical Queen of Versailles Lindsey Ferrentino, Gordon Winston, Italian restaurateur and master coffee blender Matteo and Pilar.

Jackie Siegel and Gordon Winston

Jackie Siegel, American heiress and businesswoman AJ Catsimatidis, Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe

Siegel, alongside Miami-based Glovaski and the Italian-Guatemalan Droccos, are introducing an unmatched level of luxury to the coffee industry. Catering to the modern connoisseur, the brand provides not just a superior coffee experience, but an escape into the world of supreme elegance with every canister.

The event was well done, serving treats but most of all, a taste of this exquisite coffee, that you will be addicted to once you taste it.

Available at

#jackiesiegel/ #qvcoffee/ # queenofVersaillescoffee


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Bonnie Comley, ART TO WARE and ChaShaMa Present Nothing to Wear



Until April 30th Bonnie Comley, ART TO WARE and ChaShaMa Present Nothing to Wear in Port Authority’s 41st Street building.

Bonnie Comley and Anita Durst

Bonnie is a three-time Tony Award-winning producer. She has, also, won an Olivier Award and two Drama Desk Awards for her stage productions. She is on the Board President of The Drama League as well as a full member of The Broadway League and the Audience Engagement and Education Committee.

Nothing to Wear

Comley has produced over 40 films, winning five Telly Awards and one W3 Award. She is the founder and CEO of BroadwayHD, the world’s premier online streaming platform delivering over 300 premium live productions to theatre fans globally. Now she is an artist presenting her work at ART TO WARE (A2W) a wearable Art Gallery that curates up-cycled, hand-made, one-of-a-kind statement pieces to be seen, loved and taken home!

Bonnie Comley and Lelie Ware

Founded in 2021 by Lesley Ware, this Black-owned and women-run small business carries small-batch, socially conscious, up-cycled, and locally-made wearables and gifts. A2W curates an environment of creativity, acceptance, and collaboration within a dynamic retail setting that showcases the work of artists, designers, and creative visionaries.

Making this all happen is ChaShaMa and Anita Durst who helps create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive world by partnering with property owners to transform unused real estate. Currently, they present 150 events a year, have workspace for 120 artists, and have developed 80 workshops in under served communities. They award 11 million worth of real estate to artists, subsidizes 300 artist work spaces, provide over 215 free art classes, gives 200 artists free space to present and upport over 75 businesses with free space.

Nothing to Wear is a provocative look at our relationship with our clothing choices as it pertains to our self image, fast fashion and textile waste. It challenges the fashion industry to create an alternative to current business models and the global appetite for consumption and asks viewers to question dress codes like the current policing of women in political office.

Jose Febrillet from Port Authority



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Food and Drink

Spring Petals and Hairy Crab: Kintsugi Aligns with a Golden Touch



Tucked away in a slate-colored corner of otherwise colorful SoHo, Kintsugi stands in contained eloquence as a testament to the exquisite fusion of traditional Japanese cuisine and modern culinary artistry. Named after the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold, Kintsugi embraces imperfections, celebrating the beauty of resilience and transformation in post-pandemic NYC.

At Kintsugi, guests are treated to an omakase experience unlike any other, where every dish tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship and innovative flavor pairings. The menu, curated by Executive Chef Victor Chen (formerly of New York Sushi Ko), offers three tiers of premium omakase, each highlighting seasonal ingredients and Chef Victor’s imaginative creations.

The dining experience began with the house signature cocktail, made with sake, yuzu, and violet syrup—a whimsical nod to the restaurant’s otherwise classic Japanese ambiance. The upbeat jazz music playing in the background added a lively contrast to Chef Victor’s quiet focus, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere.

The exciting spring menu babied us with glow-in-the-dark Firefly Squid as well as eels so delicate one would think they’re about to enjoy a bowl of glass noodles. A hairy crab peered at us over one course, sheltering a tangy salad made from its tender meat. Such creatures are common fare on the spring tides of the large Japanese coastline, chef informed us. An array of seasonal sea urchin species always brings a knowledgable crowd to Kintsugi, so book early for that summer treat.

While the atmosphere became increasingly lively as the evening unfolded and the guests got to know each other and the staff, the omakase culture at Kintsugi is one of careful curation and attention to detail. Guests can expect to pay a deposit and be patient, as Chef Victor and his team are focused and diligent in providing a truly exceptional dining experience. From bespoke sushi tailored to individual tastes to over 40 pieces of expertly crafted nigiri, every dish at Kintsugi is a work of art.

As you embark on your culinary journey at Kintsugi, be prepared to be transported to a world where every bite tells a story of tradition, innovation, and the beauty of impermanence. The latter of which is precisely what Chef Victor loves about sushi. “All of that work and it all goes into one bite” he says quietly as he gently sears a fat slice of sable fish. “Perhaps it is chewed a few more times, rolled around and savored for that moment and then its forever gone.”

In artful consideration of framing, each course is presented on dinner ware in collaboration with EM Ceramics and Spark Bird Studio who created an exclusive line of handcrafted, gold-fused dinner ware for Kintsugi. Experience for yourself the zen magic of this divine space and discover why, as host Klaus puts it, “everyone needs some Kintsugi after Covid.”

Kintsugi recently launched The Lunch Rush Omakase, a 12- course one- hour experience for $60. It is served on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from12–3 p.m. Also available is an optional seasonal beverage pairing (3) for $35 per person.

Kintsugi Omakase

28 Grand Street New York, NY 646-983-4616

Hours of operation:
Lunch: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12–3 p.m. Dinner: Monday-Sunday 5–11 p.m.
Closed on Wednesdays

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Food and Drink

Dream Tea NYC Dazzles with Delicious Sips



Calling all tea lovers!

Anney Norton has created a fabulous brand that is both delicious and a user-friendly way to create their  blend. Welcome to the wonderful world of Dream Tea NYC.

She has elegantly found a way to craft your own blend of tea from the highest quality organic ingredients. Each canister delivered to your door is full of flavor that is uniquely curated to your heart’s desire. From chamomile with whisps of apples, honey to responsibly sourced rose and lavender, there are hundreds of premium ingredients from dozens of quality sources to take the dreamer on an epic journey to discover amazing tea.

Custom tea blends are sent to your door. What is delivered to your doorstep is magical. Simply take their blend quiz by share a little bit about yourself and your flavor preferences. They then create the perfect custom blend for you.

It’s not just the special blend that will rock your world. The cutest and perfectly paired accessories help further produce a sophisticated culinary experience.

The Dreamy Tea Scoop is the perfect addition to your tea set. Using natural, non-toxic, food-grade steel, this brushed gold scoop is a safe and effective way to get the perfect amount of tea for every personal serving. In addition, Starry Sachet Bags are the only tea sachets using natural, non-toxic cotton fibers to help make a safe and effective way to brew the perfect cup.

Here is to creating your perfect sip today. For more information, please visit here.


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FAO Schwarz Launches Teddy Bear for enCourage Kids Fundraising



This is the cuddly gift that keeps giving.

FAO’s flagship store in the heart of New York City has launched the sale of a new look on Teddy with an enCourage Kids’ partnership. The high-quality plush toy is for the Send a Smile, Send a Bear program. Right now, Teddy is on sale at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Teddy will soon be able to help even more pediatric patients navigate the stress of treatment, illness, and hospitalization. The program also delivers stuffed animal bears to hospital partners nationwide to help pediatric patients navigate the stress of treatment, illness, and hospitalization.

FAO’s motto is to be a source of wonder for each new generation, along with being a relentless supporter of quality and innovation in the life of every child. enCourage Kids envision a world where every child experience joy, hope and emotional healing along their medical journey. Together, we look forward to providing each child with this Bear, the ultimate symbol of hope, strength and courage.

Since 1985, enCourage Kids Foundation has helped humanize healthcare for children and their families by resourcing impact-driven pediatric programs and supporting the child life community. Serving more than one million children annually, enCourage Kids is focused on making hospitals a better place to get better.


Photos by Mychal Watts

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