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Four Easy Ways to Execute Trade Show Display Setups for all Types of Brands in the Market

Four Easy Ways to Execute Trade Show Display Setups for all Types of Brands in the Market

Trade shows bring visibility to a brand. It is a robust platform that offers several new marketing and networking opportunities to the brand owners. Even with social media marketing, business owners have not withdrawn from land-based marketing techniques that include trade exhibitions. Trade shows have always been competitive thanks to the hundreds of brands convening to attract and acquire new markets. There was a time when setting up kiosks at these shows cost upwards of $50,000, and only the premium brands could afford it. Modern printing and flexible display advertisement options make these viable tradeshowsplatforms for even the smaller businesses and start-ups.

Here are some classic, yet unique trade show displays options you can apply to make your products the center of everyone’s attention for a couple of days –

One with nature

Does your brand have an environment-friendly image? Do you believe in reusing and recycling natural resources during design and production? Then you should try using earthy tones in combination with recycled wood, paper, and jute display setups. Add faux vines and real herb gardens to enhance the product displays. Moreover, the portable display signs use collapsible frames, nature-friendly screen materials, environmentally-friendly prints and reusable display options that you can use on your next show, but with entirely new design ideas. It is the best way to portray yourself as a sustainable, eco-friendly brand.

Minimal digital design

If you are dealing with software solutions or hardware products, you might want to consider modular displays. They sport minimal, sleek and smart displays. LED screens, tabletop displays, two-way touchscreens, portable charging ports, and multiple set-up options make this ideal for software companies, electronic brands and communication services, who want to portray their products as advanced, and intuitive.

Brands on top

The hanging displays give you the chance to be on the top. Check with the tradeshow designers and coordinators for ceiling space and hanging infrastructure. You can either choose backlit displays or simple vinyl screen advertisements. The placement is the critical factor of this kind of trade show display setup. It is easy to attract the attention of the entrants when your sign is the first thing they notice after stepping into the arena.

Double-decker turnkey luxury

Sometimes, you need your display options to be larger than life, just like your brand. Depending on your brand’s personality you can choose between multiple, double-decker trade show setups. You can select a combination of digital and print, rely on modular and LED or go with a miniature version of a real store to set up your kiosk at the trade exhibition.

The sole purpose of all trade exhibits is garnering the attention of the viewers. Sometimes, multiple brands target the same audience on the tradeshow premises. Therefore, the only way to ensure that you get the visibility you deserve is by standing out from the crowd. These easy to execute tradeshow ideas are perfect for all brands, old and new, big and small, trying to venture into a new market.

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