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Four Places to Host Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Four Places to Host Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Let’s admit it and say we’ve always left planning our children’s birthday parties to the last minute. And by last minute, I mean the week before. Whether this is the case for you or you’re ready to get set months before the big day but stuck for ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Whether rain or shine, there are always plenty of activities to do for both small and large groups of children. So, time to pick an event that everyone can agree on and get sending out those invites. 

Visit a trampoline park

Nothing is better for parents than their kids coming home from a friend’s or classmate’s party completely tired out for the rest of the weekend. Perhaps one of the best options to ensure this happens whilst also having fun is a soft play area. However, everyone seems to have their parties at soft plays! To take it one step further, why not be the cool parents and organise something at your local trampoline park for all the guests to enjoy? Most trampoline parks offer bundle and party deals which may include a nice discount for you to take advantage of as well as drinks and snacks for the day. 


Depending on how energetic your kid and their group of friends are on a Saturday or Sunday morning, the cinema might be a great idea for a delightful experience. Some cinemas offer availability for earlier showings of children’s films at a discounted price which might be favourable if your kid wants to invite a larger party. Get the guests to bring a small packed lunch or snacks for the cinema and even ask for another parent to help chaperone. 

Ice skating

If you’re limited for numbers and would prefer your child only invites their closest friends, ice skating can be a very thrilling and exciting activity. This might be one where all the parents need to stay though – you can even invite them on the ice with you! As fun as ice skating may be, it can also be slightly dangerous. It’s best to go at quieter times in the morning or evening to make sure the ice is quieter or even empty. This activity definitely depends on age so do some research before you make your decision!


Bowling is a fun activity for everyone and accommodating to all ages. The hosts at bowling alleys are great in ensuring the party goes well and everyone is having fun. They can prepare food and beverages for the party guests which makes it seem that bit more like a party as opposed to any other weekend at the bowling alley. Bowling alleys might offer party deals too!

Let your kid and their guests enjoy the event to the fullest and pick an activity suitable for everyone that will be full of enjoyment. Give them something to talk about in school on Monday!

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