Four Signs It’s Time for a Senior to Move into a Care Facility

Four Signs It’s Time for a Senior to Move into a Care Facility

It’s not always easy to know when it’s the right time to move into a care facility. Whether it is you or a loved one who is considering the move, it is a big (and often difficult) decision. Some people feel that leaving their own home to go into a care facility means giving up parts of their life and identity – their home, their independence, their freedom. When society places so much emphasis on possessions, it is not surprising so many people are torn between staying in their homes or moving into a facility. Here are four signs that it is time for a senior to move into a care facility.

Physical Deterioration

Our bodies naturally deteriorate as we get older – even the healthiest of us show signs of wear and tear with age. Some symptoms and conditions are manageable with adaptations or medication – needing to wear glasses being a prime example, or needing to live on the ground floor because of not being able to manage the stairs. When physical pain or limited mobility impact on a person’s ability to carry out everyday tasks safely, this is a sign that it is time to think seriously about care facilities.

Mental Deterioration

Forgetfulness is another common side effect of aging. Misplacing a set of keys or accidentally calling a grandchild by the name of their sibling might not be anything to worry about if it is a one-off, but when memory is regularly failing and could lead to dangerous situations (such as forgetting the oven has been left on), it may be the right time to take steps towards moving into a care facility.


For seniors who live alone, loneliness can have an impact on all areas of their life. Widows, widowers, and elderly singletons who are either housebound or less able to get out and about can quickly deteriorate. Lack of social interaction also has a link to mental conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, whereas those who interact with a wide circle of people have better mood, higher energy levels, and a more positive mindset.

Everything to Gain, Nothing to Lose

One sign that the time is right to move into a care facility is when what can be gained from the move seems greater than what is perceived to be being lost. If quality of life will improve as a result of moving into a care facility, it can make the decision easier for everyone involved. Sometimes it is fear of the unknown that causes caution, other times worry about the upheaval of moving. However, with medical assistance for senior relocation available, there is no reason to let this influence the decision.

As you make this life-changing decision, weigh up the pros and cons of a care facility for yourself or your loved one. When the time is right, taking the leap could be the best move you’ve ever made.

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