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Franchise movies resulting in vast Merchandise sales

Franchise movies resulting in vast Merchandise sales

More and more retailers such as the ones at popgear offer merchandise on some of the most successful movie releases. Most of these are focused around Disney, which really are the cash cow when it comes to its following. The movies themselves break records, which leads to powerful marketing on the products. A key example is with the incredibly successful Frozen films. When the first movie was released it led to the wedding dress replicas going on sale for £750 and endless Disney products on offer at their stores. It all leads to major success and another prime example is with Toy Story.

Toy Story 4 hit the screens last year, with the DVD now having been recently released. This meant it returned following a nine year break from the 2010 film, Toy Story 3. This meant that serious money would be made for retailers based on previous films, as in the UK, more sales were made for toys, t-shirts and all other merchandise than actual ticket sales at the box office.

Buzz lightyear is one of the key characters throughout the films and his figure is also the best-selling toy of all time across the Disney stores. It has also continued to collocate that if a movie is successful, then merchandise follows suit. This has also been proven following some data released by NPD, who are a market research company based in the UK. This research showed that 23% of Toy sales in the UK were generated by franchises such as Toy Story.

Toy Story also returns incredible sales on merchandise since the first film was released back in the mid-1990s. Some of the children of these times will now have children of their own, so will take them to the latest films and purchase the merchandise. Toy Story stands head and shoulders above other films when it comes to interest, and is leading the way when it comes to the biggest franchise in the UK. This is partly down to the fact that it tailors for not only children but all ages.

Toy Story 4 to date has grossed over $1 billion worldwide, which meant it is the fifth highest grossing film of the year and the highest grossing instalment in the franchises history. This followed on from the major success of all other releases. Merchandise sales are now set to be as high as ever as we move ever closer to Christmas day. Can it follow on from sales after Toy Story 3, which generated around £104 million back in 2010. This also broke the previous record for franchised related toy sales in the UK.


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