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Full Dentures: The Pros, Cons and Choosing the Right Dentist for them

Full Dentures: The Pros, Cons and Choosing the Right Dentist for them

Full dentures, when from a reputable dentist, can provide a marvelous boost to confidence like nothing else. Not only this, but their positive impact on eating, speaking and general well being can be huge. 

However, it’s important you understand the drawbacks that may arise. Diseases, pricing and the best type of denture for your needs are three themes you must consider. 

In this article, you will grasp an understanding of your denture options, along with the pros, cons and evaluating the best dentist to find and fit them. 

But first, what exactly are dentures? 

123dentist describes them best: “Dentures are artificial teeth and gums that are formed to your mouth and created by your dentists to replace lost or removed natural teeth.” 

Full dentures are often custom to the patient, fitting your mouth perfectly and looking the part. Would you really want dentures that look unappealing or aren’t well fit for your mouth? 

This is the importance of choosing the best dentist for dentures which we will cover further on in the article. 

When it comes to fitting dentures, there are a variety of procedures you can use depending on your requirements. 

We must stress that the right dentist will guide your options best, but we’ll get onto that later.

As explained by the American Dental Association, denture procedures can either be complete or partial depending on how many teeth are missing. The better dentists will educate you about these types during a consultation. 

When searching for the right denture for your needs, there are a few fundamental decisions to make: 

  • The Cost – How much will they set you back? 
  • Number of Teeth – How many teeth are you needing to replace? 
  • Bone loss and other factors – Is there anything else you should consider? 
  • Then comes caring for your Dentures. 
  • What daily actions will you need to take to ensure proper maintenance? 
  • Your dentist should advise on the right course of action (which is why choosing the best dentist for your dentures is very important). 

However it’s vital to get to grips with a few important rules: 

Always keep your dentures in water or a denture cleaner solution when they are not being worn. However, to avoid wrapping, keep them out of hot or boiling water! 

Be aware of plaque that can accumulate on your dentures if not cleaned and maintained properly. Denture related mouth diseases can cause serious problems to those not well informed of these proper maintenance procedures. 

An effective denture cleanser can be used daily to remove harmful bacteria and stop the buildup of fungi that can result from poor maintenance. 

The right dentist will provide an overview of exactly how you need to care for your dentures beforehand. 

By now you should understand the importance of maintaining proper hygiene with dentures. 

Let’s move on to the pros and cons of full dentures. 

It’s important you base your decision on both the positives and negatives that can arise. 

Let’s begin with the positives: 

Full dentures are a wonderful way to boost confidence in a person, the thought of having your smile restored can truly increase well being. 

This alone can be enough to make any person want to proceed with dentures. 

Along with the confidence aspect, full dentures assist with eating, speaking and are often more comfortable than other alternatives. 

The best dentists for dentures will ensure they look natural, fit well and provide the support your facial muscles need. 

However, it’s important to note the downsides of full dentures before proceeding: 

Dentures (unfortunately) aren’t an overnight fix. Multiple trips to the dentist are often required which is why choosing the right dentist is a must. 

Like getting braces, dentures can often feel uncomfortable and many patients will go through an adjustment period. The feeling of getting them on can be a nuisance for many people. 

But, keep in mind their positive. This temporary discomfort can make for a lifetime of improved confidence! 

Finally, you must be aware of the maintenance aspect of dentures. 

Quite often people may neglect the need to care for their dentures which can cause a variety of problems. 

Knowing how to care for your dentures should be at the forefront of your decision. 

So, by now you should be aware of the pros and cons that come with your denture decision. 

It’s now time to cover choosing the right dentist for your dentures. 

As mentioned, the process can often be long and require a multitude of trips back and forth. Quite often, you’ll need future appointments to ensure they remain in good condition. 

This is why choosing the right dentist is vital. 

So, how do we select the best dentist for dentures? 

First seeking recommendations may aid your decision. 

Ask friends and family about their dental experiences for an unbiased view. 

Reviews can also help when finding the best dentist for dentures. 

Most websites will incorporate an area for people to write their thoughts. Social media sites like Facebook can often provide an accurate depiction of a dentist. 

Finally, calling up and speaking directly to someone, asking questions and becoming better informed will be beneficial to your decision. 

Ultimately, the decision is yours when it comes to progressing with full dentures. 

Informing yourself on the pros, cons and best dentist for the procedure is in your hands. 

We hope this article has been helpful in guiding your decision.

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