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Full List of Footballers to Win the Most Club-level Trophies in Europe

Full List of Footballers to Win the Most Club-level Trophies in Europe

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (31 titles)

Trophies are the rewards that every professional footballer dreams of. Today, spend time exploring top footballers to gain the most trophies in European clubs.

Throughout the football career, it is sure that all the professional footballers desire to win big titles, and club-level trophies are one of them. 

In reality, many players are not lucky enough to win any title during their careers despite playing for renowned European clubs for many years. Meanwhile, some others gain a vast collection of trophies from tournament to tournament due to their excellent performance. 

In the article today, we will show the list of footballers who have gained the most titles/trophies when they play at the club level in Europe.

Ryan Giggs – 35 titles

Ryan Giggs – 35 titles

With the achievement of 35 titles after many years  cooperating with Manchester United, Ryan Giggs must be the first name in this list. The MUFC is also the only club he played for during his 24-year career. 

In particular, this legend club player won 2 Champions League titles, 3 league cups, 4 FA Cups, and 13 Premier League titles when playing at the club. 

Till now, the number of trophies he is holding is regarded as the greatest ever. Even the most famous footballers these days like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi also need a superhuman effort to surpass this record.

Dani Alves – 34 titles

Dani Alves – 34 titles

Like Lionel Messi, Dani Alves is a superstar of the Barcelona club. With over ten years as a Barcelona player, he has reached a considerable number of achievements, particularly 23 trophies in total.

Before coming to Barcelona, this Brazilian right-back won four titles during the time with the Sevilla club. 

After the long period of devoting to Barcelona, Dani Alves continued his football career at Juventus and won the league title.

Now he is playing for PSG and has had four titles, but this number will undoubtedly grow in coming time.  

Lionel Messi of Barcelona controls the ball during the Liga match between FC Barcelona and Villarreal CF at Camp Nou on September 24, 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Jose Breton/Pics Action/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Lionel Messi – 33 titles

At the Barcelona club, it is Lion Messi, who has been awarded the most medals. The most recent trophy of this excellent striker is the Supercopa de España.

Since Messi started playing for Barcelona in 2005, he has become a key factor in every victory of this Catalan giant. Messi won five La Liga championships and three league titles. 

He was also the first person to win the top scorer title three times throughout various seasons of the UEFA Champions League.

Many football fans believe that this Argentina player can increase his number of trophies in the coming seasons.

Maxwell (32 titles)

Maxwell (32 titles)

Maxwell is one of a few footballers who have got the opportunity to play for four well-known clubs in Europe, including Ajax, Catalan, PSG, and Inter Milan.

Ajax was the first place he chose to start his club career. This club brought him valuable chances to attain two league titles out of a total of four.    

After that, when moving to Catalan, Maxwell gained up to 9 trophies, one of which is the honorable league trophy. 

After two seasons of playing for the Catalan club, he decided to join PSG, where he played as a left-back throughout over 200 matches and won 14 trophies. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (31 titles)

31 titles are the remarkable achievements that any footballers desire. With a distinctive playing style, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has reached this impressive result after many years of playing for  top-ranking clubs in Europe.   

In the early years of the playing career, he chose to take part in Malmo, but he didn’t obtain any titles. 

After that, he left his first club and played for Ajax, where he gained two Eredivisie trophies, and one for Johan Cruyff Shield and KNVB Cup. 

During the time with the Italian clubs, Zlatan Ibrahimovic gained three league titles after joining Inter Milan and one while playing for AC Milan.  

Despite working for Barcelona in only one season, this skillful striker gave a sparkling performance when attaining up to five titles with this club.

But it is Paris SG that helped Zlatan Ibrahimovic bring home the most titles. He won a total of 12 titles while the maximum possible number is 16. Meanwhile, in England, he made his title collection larger with three winners medals while being with Manchester United.

It’s a great pity that he never received any trophies from the UEFA Champions League.

Gerard Pique (30 titles)

Gerard Pique (30 titles)

Gerard Pique has achieved a total of 30 medals in his professional football career, and 27 of them were awarded when he played for Barcelona.

After ten years of playing as a center-back in the Barcelona club, Gerard Pique has received six Supercopa de España titles, six Copa del Rey titles, and seven La Liga titles. 

Besides, in the UEFA Champions League, he won four titles. The first time he took the Champions League trophy is in 2008 when cooperating with Manchester United. 

During the 2007- 2008 season, this talented footballer has also picked up three titles while being a member of Manchester United in the 2007/08 season.

If you are a fan of European football clubs, the names above mentioned are surely not strange to you. All of them have made a significant contribution to the football world. 

So will be there any club records set in the coming seasons? It is a hard question. There are a host of football experts that have made predictions about it. But football is always unpredictable. So wait and wait!

Thanks for reading our article. Hopefully, you will get relaxed moments from it. For any contributions, leave your comments below. 

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