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Game of Thrones Slots

Game of Thrones Slots

Game of Thrones Slots

Unless you have been living on a different planet, you will probably be well aware of the massive television franchise that is Game of Thrones. Even if you have never seen a single episode you have likely heard of the program is really is enormous and has a massive following all over the world. When a television show makes this much of an impact, it is normal to find all sorts of merchandise based on the series and in this case Microgaming has been given the rights to produce a Game of Thrones slot game which can be found at online casinos all over the internet. has a closer look at this popular slot game that fans of the show will love and really enjoy playing.

Even before playing the game you know it is going to be a quality offering as Microgaming are easily one of the best software developers in the world when it comes to casino games. This game is an official offering so benefits from full access to the graphics and characters we know and love. It has 15 pay lines and has five reels which are perfect for this setting. As with many slots you can trigger free spins which are attached to the four Houses of Westeros. To access these free spins you need to get three GoT logos scatter symbols, and each of the houses comes with its own unique multiplier, free spins and stacked symbols, so there is plenty of new features to discover as you play through. 

In Baratheon House, you will find that you can get eight free spins and a five times multiplier and three House Baratheon Sigil stack symbols. In the Stark House, there are 14 free spins on offer and these come with a three times multiplier and five House Stark Sigil stack symbols. At the Lannister House, you will find ten free spins, going with a four-time multiplier and four House Lannister Sigil stack symbols. Finally, at the Targaryen House, you can get 18 free spins, and these have a two times multiplier and six House Targaryen Sigil stack symbols. 

When you achieve two Game of Thrones scatter symbols, there is a scatter bonus which gives you a cash prize which is a nice feature. The free spins features can be triggered over again, so there is no limit when you are playing which is also perfect and leads to plenty of enjoyment. The overall look and feel of the game as you might expect is perfectly bang on and features loads of easily recognisable images from the series, and the animations they offer are first rate. It has a massive amount of detail which shows off the prowess of the company, and the lengths they go to, to ensure that they remain at the top. On the reels as well as the GoT logo you will also find the house symbols, and ornate card based icons for the K, Q, J and A plus plenty of others. 


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