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Gemma’s Gem of the Week: 5 Powerful Scenes in Barry Balancing Genre, Ranked

Gemma’s Gem of the Week: 5 Powerful Scenes in Barry Balancing Genre, Ranked

Barry is filled with complex moments that are equally vulnerable, emotional, gritty, and intense, and these powerful scenes are the strongest examples of balancing genre. Spoilers alert!



“My Lord, The Queen Is Dead”

Attempting to get into character for Macbeth, Barry reflects on murdering his friend Chris, haunted with devastating images of Chris’s wife discovering the news. Barry mirrors this situation by viewing Sally as Chris’s wife, acting as though he’s the one breaking the news to her. His initially hardened character becomes vulnerable, as Barry cries onstage for the first time.


Barry Kills Moss

While digging on Facebook, Detective Janice Moss finally uncovers the truth about Barry being a hitman. Barry then startles Janice, prompting her to raise her gun. Barry was just getting used to normalcy for the first time and doesn’t want to lose this new life, or his relationship with Sally and Gene. Hands up, he pleads that Janice forgets everything and walks away, under the assumption that they could continue their lives as usual. 

Insistent however, Janice tells Barry to walk, so he lingers by a tree where he hid a gun, and kills her. He climbs back into bed with Sally, telling himself that this is the last time he’ll kill again before the camera fades to black.


Fuches Shows Gene Moss’s Body

Spiteful after Barry leaves him as a father figure, Fuches goes to find Gene, knowing he’s one of the most important people in Barry’s life. Gene warmly expresses his pride over Barry’s growth in the acting class, which stirs bitter resentment in Fuches. 

He takes Gene on a “walk” outside, leading him right to Janice’s car, while tension increases through cuts of Barry speeding in his car, attempting to stop Fuches. Fuches then opens the trunk in front of Gene, revealing Janice’s body inside. Fans were heartbroken after watching a devastated Gene collapse, sobbing over the deceased love of his life.


Barry Tells Gene About Korengal 

Gene and Barry share a touching moment when Barry confides in Gene about killing Korengal. Barry is more vulnerable than ever, terrified that Gene will look at him as a monster. Gene assures him that he will not look at him differently, and even uses his own mistakes in an example of being an unsupportive father towards his son to level with Barry.  

Barry asks Gene, “Do you think I’m a bad person, Mr. Cousineau?” Gene responds, “I think you are deeply human. You did a terrible thing. But do I think it defines you? No.” From this point forward, their relationship grows into a complex and moving father and son dynamic. 


Barry Kills Chris

Chris is shaken after killing a man following the events of their morning, and tells Barry he is ready to go to the cops to tell them everything and clear his name. Barry’s face hardens, making it evident that he’s made up his mind, not wanting to risk being caught. He faintly whispers, “why did you say that?”, in an emotional moment that reflects regret for what is about to happen to his friend. Frustrated, Barry lashes out, yelling at Chris. The following silence creates a crescendo of tension that lingers throughout the remainder of the scene.

Chris, pale and rigid, suddenly realizes his mistake, and attempts to diffuse the situation with Barry while starting his car. In the final second, Barry reaches for his gun, killing Chris. 


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