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Gemma’s Gem of the Week: Try Something New

Gemma’s Gem of the Week: Try Something New

When was the last time you tried something new? Is there something you’ve always wanted to do that you have yet to experience? Whether you’re familiar or completely new to this experience, trying something new can truly add to the richness of our day-to-day endeavors.

Being a beginner can feel daunting; especially in this day and age. We’re expected to be perfect, or to identify with our jobs and careers. It’s only natural to feel some sense of hesitation towards walking into something completely brand new. However, that doesn’t mean that hesitation will last forever.

The beauty of walking into something new is just how many possibilities await. You have an entirely blank slate. There is so much learning experience to be gained; and no experience is ever wasted. Yes, you’ll make mistakes – but every mistake will be that much closer to gaining more valuable skills in whichever field you choose.

We are often so afraid of mistakes that we forget the value mistakes possess. If we can find a space that embraces, and perhaps even celebrates, our mistakes as small victories, we can feel all the more safer to grow and learn. If we can change the way we view mistakes from failures to learning experiences, we can normalize welcoming in mistakes with open arms as part of the process.

Besides, the main thing to consider is this: Is what you are stepping into making you happy? Is it a personal passion of yours? If so, this is the most important piece of the equation. Keep the passion steady and clear in your mind, and the rest of the pieces will fall into place in your own pace.

I took a leap and tried aerial silks for the first time at a circus school, and I cannot express how exhilarating and terrifying and wonderful the entire experience was. There were moves that my body wasn’t ready for yet, which will be something to work towards and look forward, and there were moves I could start to unravel and understand.

Though there were moments of uncertainty and unfamiliarity, the process as an entirety was so beautifully lovely that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. Sometimes, it’s worth taking a leap into the uncertainty of trying something new; we never know if there’s a new passion to be discovered on the other side.

Song of the Week: “Tightrope” from The Greatest Showman.



Gemma Farquhar is the writer of "Gemma's Gem of the Week" and author of "The Shape of Something New." She is passionate about the future of storytelling and welcomes all ages to her column.

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