Gemma’s Gem of the Week: Watering Valuable Relationships

Gemma’s Gem of the Week: Watering Valuable Relationships

Opening your heart up to healthy relationships can be a challenge if you’ve experienced loss, hurt, or complications in relationships in the past – so it’s only natural for that vulnerability to feel a bit intimidating! However, once you meet the right people who truly have your best interest in mind, this can be transformative, and add immensely to the quality of life.

Green Flags in a Healthy Relationship

Respecting Your Boundaries

Boundaries are essential; no matter what the relationship dynamic looks like. When you voice your boundaries to someone and see those boundaries be heard and taken into account by action, that is a green flag and an indicator of a healthy relationship. We deserve relationships that are mindful of our time and respectful of our space.

Embracing All of You

Being able to come as you are without any type of mask is an incredibly liberating, healing experience. When we find people who embrace us at our lowest and our highest and love us just the same, those are the moments when we find our tribe. These are the ones who encourage us to show up as our true and authentic selves. A true indicator of a healthy relationship is when it feels safe to be human.

Maintaining a Fun, Safe Space

At the end of the day, relationships should be fun. They require work and watering, as well as a necessary balance of fun. When we feel safe enough to be authentic and create a necessary flow of fun alongside these people, that’s when we’re honoring our highest selves.

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