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Get Ready to Fuel Up New York City

Get Ready to Fuel Up New York City

You always think you can get everything in New York City. It was not until too long ago that this statement was pretty much true. We were lacking one thing, but with the launch of FUEL STOP it is now here.

The first American location of a fast-track regeneration center is now in the heart of the city. The FUEL STOP (200 Central Park South) establishes a new concept in the fast-growing preventive healthcare market. If you are looking for better health, weight loss, recovery or just more energy this is the place to be on any given day.

Unlike other centers promoted in such places as Los Angeles and Miami, what makes this different is the technology and staff behind it. The FUEL STOP is a trademarked concept operated in New York City by M3Fuel Stop Inc. M3 Fuel Stop Inc. is a wholly controlled entity of M3 Fuel Stop AG (Switzerland).

In essence, the electricity that powers it is bottom line deal-maker. In two minutes in the chamber you can improve countless things with your body. The Whole Body Cryochamber by MecoTec is considered to be the world’s leading provider of cryo-technologies. It is medically certified in Germany for highest effectiveness and safety.

fuel On a recent trial we entered the zone and were surprised that it is easy to do and not at all what you think. The thought of freezing and hurting your skin is never felt. Due to the electric component here there is nothing to fear. The process is simple.

You enter a spectacular and clean lounge with a friendly staff that guides you on how to robe yourself for the chamber with gloves, socks and a mask. From there you go into a mini-chamber to start the cooling process of your body. Then you enter the main station, where for two minutes you dance around in sub-freezing temperatures – literally you are able to move-along to music blasting from a loud speaker. It’s actually fun.

fuelThere is no pressure and surprisingly you truly do not feel cold. But, when you exit the effects are powerful and wonderful. After the chamber you are led to a vibrating plate to stand on while your circulation starts to flow through you body. A sense of vibrancy and euphoria crawls from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.

fuelAches that were there before the process seem to have magically disappeared. After less than a few moments you feel great and warmed up again. From there you can enter the Energy Lounge, which provides a unique space within a fast-track circuit to empower and ‘pause’ before going back into accelerated gear. You can be a FUEL STOPPER and warm-up with anti-inflammation pineapple tea, and get your day going even better with a second drink M3FS Brain Floss.

fuelAnd, on top of all this it is estimate that the effects of the chamber help you burn up to 800 calories. It truly is a fast-track, non-invasive and maximum real-time impact in short duration formula centered around three cornerstones of anti-aging: Endurance. Energy. Contour. – ‘feel and look great’ in less than 15 minutes.

There is even an option for an individual facial that will give your skin a youthful, glowing look to match the way your inside is gloriously feeling. The formula all together is centered around three cornerstones of anti-aging: endurance-building through cold therapy; energy replenishment through brain functionality-enhancing nutraceutical cocktails; body contour improvements through non-invasive fat and cellulite removing face and body treatments.

The best part is that it can be done on a daily basis, and all walks of life can try it.

“In my experience as a nutritionist, active professional and mother of two living in New York City, I have looked for one concept that was simply nowhere to be found: a ‘fast-track,’ all-natural and non-invasive formula to sustainably regenerate energy ‘to feel and look great’ in less than 15 minutes,” says Mila Joura, Founder and President, The FUEL STOP.  “The quest for healthy energy, faster metabolism and strengthening of the immune system has become a priority for a health conscious urban population. Regularly exposing the whole body to extremely cold temperatures (minus 200 Fahrenheit) for a short period of time (2-3min) is a unique treatment for endurance build-up and immune system support. What matters is the right technology for maximum impact. All cryo is not created equal. Proprietary nutraceutical cocktails and face and body-contour treatments together create a unique fast-track circuit. My passion and commitment is to broadly make accessible the best-in-class technologies and treatmments that are effective and safe, aligned with endurance, energy and contour. Always, all-natural, non-invasive and for maximum real-time impact in a short duration. You have to experience it for yourself,” says Mila Joura.

This is incredible and we are thankful it is in New York City. We can finally say we have it all.

For more information call (212) 235-1066 or visit


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