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Get Rid of Back Pain with Physiotherapy

Get Rid of Back Pain with Physiotherapy

Is your spinal tissue degenerated leading to back pain? Or is it a strenuous physical activity which led to excruciating back pain? Whatever the reason may be, back pain if persists for more than a month should not be ignored and medical intervention becomes important. This is a general notion amongst people that back pain is nothing serious and need not be attended until and unless it is caused by an accident. But this is not true there are several reasons for back pain which can result in chronic lifestyle condition if not properly attended.

Often people raise their eyebrow at the mere mention of physiotherapy and the next question is why such a third world treatment in this modern era? It’s true that physiotherapy is most practices in Asian countries but it is a basic science of body that works on the core of the body and helps to improve the mobility helping in restoring normal body functions. At times, when back pain becomes constant and the patient starts living on anti-inflammatory pills to curb the pain, it becomes important to get an expert opinion. There are many Physiotherapists that will help to control back pain within a few sittings and also offer the best offers and discounts for online booking. Most of the people opt for surgeries but it also has side effects but whereas physiotherapy is a treatment that helps to regain strength and movement with exercises and relaxation therapies negating the need for pills surgeries. Some recommended therapies for back pain sufferers include:

  • Ice and heat pads: When all of a sudden back becomes stiff and pain becomes excruciating then it is important to start with alternative heat and ice pads as this will help to reduce the swelling and blood circulation thereby numbing the area. It will reduce pain for some time.
  • Relaxation massages: Most people prefer relaxation massage over deep tissue massage as it is painless and relaxes the otherwise tensed nerves and muscles. Also, initially deep tissue massage should not be given as it is painful and back is stiff. So it is important to find out the reason for back pain, lay the foundation and then give deep tissue massage once there is some mobility in the back.
  • Dry Needling: Also known as acupuncture, it helps to balance the body and controls the symptoms of physical and psychological conditions. The pressure is applied to body parts or nodal points that help to relax and mitigates pain but it should be done regularly and in conjecture with other physical active physical exercise that will help in fast recovery.
  • Electronic Stimulations: Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulations helps to energize nerve ending and pain relief mechanism that help to reduce back pain, makes the back flexible and helps in movement. It is highly effective for people who are bedridden for quite some time now and cannot opt for active physiotherapy due to chronic conditions.

To conclude, if back pain is disrupting your life and all the treatments seem to give just short-term benefits then it is time to start with physiotherapy and transform your life.


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