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Get the Luxury Furniture For Your Modular Kitchen!

Get the Luxury Furniture For Your Modular Kitchen!

A modular kitchen is a term used to refer to a modern kitchen layout; it is made up of a number of kitchen cabinets that can hold various items. It consists of two sections which are namely the floor section and the wall section. The floor sections have cabinets attached to the floor and the wall section has cabinets attached to the wall. A good modular kitchen helps in saving space and also time. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes which can help in giving some creativity to your kitchen. These kitchens have a very sleek, clean and trendy look and makes your cooking area look well-defined. It is both easy to assemble and dismantle. The parts can be easily replaced making it easy to repair if needed. Maintaining a modular kitchen is far easier as the materials used are easy to clean, hence one wipe is enough to keep the surfaces dust free. Moreover, they add beauty to your home. Building a kitchen from scratch could prove to be an expensive affair, but that was before modular kitchens. Modular kitchenare built around the idea of “modules”. 

Modular kitchencan be necessity but that does no mean that it cannot look good. Modular kitchens can also be luxurious and a statement piece in your home. A modular kitchen can be turned from a functional space to a glamourous one also with the right set of furniture. Emphasis is not only to make it a more functional space but also to make it more aesthetic. This increases the appeal of the kitchen, giving it the best of both worlds. 

How to make it more luxurious

There are various luxurious furniture designs that can be incorporated to amp up the appeal a modular kitchen, some of the ways in which luxurious design can be incorporated is 

  • Luxurious Materials 

There are various materials and finishes that can be used while building a modular kitchen.There are a variety of options for cabinet finish like acrylic, polymer, and laminate etc. The finish is chosen on the basis of the theme and the budget of the kitchen.

Most buyers prefer acrylic and laminate out of these options. The most expensive option is acrylic as it is scratch proof and gives a glossy looking surface. Matte laminates are cheaper than Hi-gloss laminates. However, matte laminates tend to give a muted and sober look and need to be carefully maintained.

Having a wood finish is one of the more popular finishes as it gives a very warm and earthy finish.

  • Accessories 

The accessories in the kitchen can increase theluxurious look of the modular kitchen. It can be compromised based on your budget. If you are on a budget then the need for many accessories are not required and must be done on the basis of utility. If your budget is high then you can add the accessories that you wish. Wall fixtures, Fancy lights, paintings, show pieces are not a necessity but can be included if it suits your budget and if there is space. Accessories can amp up the modular kitchen and make it fancy. Having a well-lit kitchen is in itself a step in the right direction. LED lights in the cabinets and on the ceilings can give an expensive look. Hanging lights, string lights, Lamps the choice is endless there are different types of decorative lighting that can be put to use in making your modular kitchen more luxurious.

  • Appliances

Built in appliances are more expensive than conventional appliance. Appliance like ovens and dishwashers are built in. They are more comfortable to use and give a sleeker and more seamless look. Some essential appliances might include microwave, chimney, refrigerator, mixer and a food processer. Everyone’s needs are different, choose appliances according to your needs. Adding a touch of technology is always helpful in making your space look more luxurious. A smart kitchen which is fully automated is in. These days you can opt for cabinets that open when pushed or pulled lightly. Refrigerators also come in various forms which perform many functions these days. Multi-doored refrigerators are more expensive and look the part. They can also come with ice makers and screens that allow you to see inside the refrigerator.

  • Custom made

Luxury is all about comfort and convenience. Having things that are exclusively made for you exudes luxury. Custom made furniture, cabinets and shelves ensures that the kitchen is made just for you. This increases the functional aspect and also allows you and gives you the freedom to do what you want while not having to compromise on the functionality of your kitchen.

It is important to do your research and look for what is suitable to you instead of choosing what’s expensive just to make something more luxurious. Hence it is also important to hire an interior design to consult with and determine what to do and what not to do.


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