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Getaway to the Pocono Mountains

Getaway to the Pocono Mountains

The landscape here is simply breathtaking

In the US we’ve got a lot more used to holidaying at home over the past few years. Some of us refer to it as a staycation, others see it as necessary budgeting. Whatever your reason for wanting to vacation a little closer to home, there are a great deal of top-class destinations to choose from. The Pocono Mountains are an incredible mountain range, a truly special landscape that people travel from far and wide to see, so we’re very lucky to have them on our doorstep. If you want to spend a little time getting to see one of the most beautiful ranges in the American landscape, then here’s how to do it.

Hike in Unspoilt Nature

Whilst some of us would rather lounge by a pool than do any kind of exercise on holiday, you’ll be surprised at just how rewarding a hike can be. The Pocono Mountains are the perfect place for even beginners to hike as there are trails to suit any fitness level. If you want a gruelling two day adventure then there are trails for you, just as there are 2 mile strolls for those who are less athletically-inclined. The Tobyhanna State Park is a great place to start, as their park is perfectly geared up for every level of hiker. The show-stopper of the park is the 170 acre lake, which sits right in the center. Whichever hike you undertake, it’s best to do one that navigates around the lake. At the information center you’ll find maps of all of the different walks, detailing the length in kilometres and hours, as well as how difficult the terrain is. 

Stay at Mount Airy Resort

Mount Airy Resort is a good place to call your base. It offers a range of rooms and suites to suit most budgets, all with double beds, flat screen televisions and super-fast internet. The real draw of the resort though is all of the extra features. You can choose from several restaurants for dining at any time of day, as well as a spa if you’re earned some relaxation after your morning walk! If you’re not already exhausted from your day’s adventures, then it’s worth checking out the on-site casino. As well as slot machines there are a selection of table games and friendly staff to help out beginners. Those who are ready to hit the hay can always make the most of the free WiFi and check out an online casino from the comfort of their bedroom. It wouldn’t do to miss out on the fun entirely!

Eat at Native

Caption: Top quality local produce is the order of the day at Native

If you really want to treat yourself to something special on your holiday, then there’s no better place in all of the mountains than Native. This eatery is a real favorite amongst local gourmets, so be prepared to book your table a good while in advance. The food here is totally local, with seasonal eating being the order of the day. Although there are plenty of chef’s touches to the dishes – expect foams, jus and purées the portions are generous, and the focus is on good honest cooking. You can choose to eat a traditional three courses, or you can pick and choose from the menu of small plates. If you don’t mind sharing your food with your company, then eating in this way means you can try the very best of everything that’s on offer. From rich meatballs in a punchy tomato sauce, to sophisticated heirloom tomatoes in a buttermilk and pesto dressing, there’s something for every palate and every dietary requirement as well. If you do have a gluten intolerance or one of your guests is vegan, then it’s best to say ahead of time and they’ll create specific dishes just for you.


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