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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep and Why It Is Important

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep and Why It Is Important

A good night’s sleep is imperative for your physical and mental well-being. Many consider itjustas important as a healthy diet and regular workouts. You cannot live a healthy and active life when you are sleep-deprived. The result will be quite visible. You will feel exhausted as well as possibly depressed. A lot of health complications can be easily avoided with a good night sleep, a healthy diet, and physical activity.

Why is sleep so important?

Your body is similar to a machine.  There is reason it is designed to spend one third of it’s time recuperating.If it does not get rest, then what will happen? It will start losing itsvitality and efficiency.

When this happens over the long haul, you might face many types of complications both physical and mental. You can ask yourself, what do you normally feel after a good solid night’s sleep?You feelmotivated, active, and energetic. Similarly, what will happen after a bad nights sleep? You will feel lethargic and exhausted. It happens to everyone.

The longer this cycle continues, the worse it will get.

Proper sleep is also important for the following benefits:

  • A healthy body and well-balanced mind
  • Better learning ability and improved concentration
  • Good memory and sharp brain
  • Good cognitive function
  • Fewer visits to your doctor
  • A strong immunity to fight with a number of diseases
  • Relaxed mind in the absence of stress and depression
  • Lessweight gain and digestion problem
  • A healthy heart that will minimize the risk of heart diseases
  • Reduces the possibility of many lifestyle diseases including diabetes, weight gain, and depression

What happens when you do not get required sleep?

It will affect the quality of your life. If you do not get the required sleep for a long time, it will be called sleep debt. When it continues for years, you will start developing chronic health complications. A sleep-deprivation can lead to following complications.

  • A morning headache
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Lethargy and tiredness
  • Lack of concentration and focus causing accidents
  • Poor memory
  • Chronic health complication including heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity
  • Relationship issues and isolation

How to get a good night’s sleep

We normally blame our busy work schedule for sleepless nights. Nowthis doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work hard at your job. But the problem with this generation is that they tryto have their cake and eat it too. Even if they find some free time, they will be busy reading something online or watching TVwithout trying to get sleep.

First, you will have to change this attitude. There is no other way. If you do not changethe way you spend your time and what you value (Sleep or binge watching your favorite show), you are going to face a lot of complications in the future.

So after changing your priorities and aiming for good sleep do the following tips to thrive:

Stick to a schedule

You will have to stick to a sleep schedule. You will have to follow the schedule throughout the week including the weekends. It will prepare both your body and mind for sleeping. Your body will feel sleepy and you will not have any difficulty to stay asleep.

Avoid daytime naps

Daytime naps can give you relaxation. But it can delay your night’s sleep. Therefore, you should always avoid a daytime napif at all possible.

Practice bedtime rituals

You need to practice some relaxing bedtime rituals that will make your body to sleep fast. This could mean putting on music that relaxes you or as simple as reading a book. You also need to avoid any distractions including your TV, cell phone, even talking to friends. If you do the same thing every night, very quickly you can train your body to go to sleep as soon as you close your eyes.


Your body needs to feel tired and exhausted. If you spend all your time in a comfortable chair at your job, it might take a long time to fall asleep. If you do moderate to intense exercisefor twenty minutes per day, it can help you get to sleep faster and increase the quality of your sleep significantly.

Watch What You Are Sleeping On

Make sure you are comfortable when you are sleeping.  This includes your mattress (You can find a good one at, plus your pillow and even your sleep environment. This could also mean removing things like lights and other things that can be throwing off your sleep rhythm.

Take care of your diet

It is recommended your dinnerbefore bed shouldbe high in protein to increase serotonin and melatonin production for quality sleep. You should also avoid high sugar and caffeine that delay sleep.

These minor changes can promote a good night’s sleep to help you to live a healthy and active life. It will heal your damaged cells, boost your immunity, and help  your recoveryfrom the day-long activities, and will prepare your body and entire system for the next day

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