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Getting Rave Clothing Right

Getting Rave Clothing Right

First Rave? How Exciting! If you are looking for some tips and pointers on nailing the right get up, you have come to the right place. Here you will find all you need to know to be rave ready by nightfall. There are some important pointers that you will want to keep in mind, but there are no rules carved in stone. There has been a tendency for rave outfits to become increasingly more outrageous, creative and plain crazy over the decades – a tradition worth continuing. 

The first thing to remember is that you want to be yourself, not a shy or reserved you. But, the real you. The YOU you would be if there was no one judging you within a mile. In a rave you are accepted if you are wearing a t-shirt and jeans or spandex and painted hair. The reason that these events are so popular is that there is no one there to judge you and the atmosphere is very accepting. 

The only major factor that should play a role in the clothes you choose, is the climate and venue. If you will be in an old warehouse, the rave is going to get pretty toasty fast. But, if you are out on a beach or in the desert, the temperatures could drop drastically and you will want to be warm. So, consider the location the rave is being held and the needs you will have for warmth and comfort. 

The weather gods can be capricious, but don’t let this mess with your plans, just be prepared. 

The irony of suggesting rave wear is that a rave is the one place you could go wearing any imaginative and outlandish costume you could contrive and still be welcomed, accepted and judged by no one. But, there are some pointers that can help you get the most of your experience if you have no outfit ideas.     

Girls Rave Outfits and Clothing

Girls will often attend a rave in a t-shirt and phat pants or Kikwears. Then, there are some who choose the LED tutu and bikini top or a massive furry costume. You can’t go wrong with plenty of fluffies and LED lights like those available from premier glow. It’s always fun to see how unique and attractive girl’s clothing can be. But, if this is your first time at a rave, you can wear your regular walk around the city clothes. Don’t be shy about wearing the same clothes you would wear to the mall, just be sure you are comfortable as you will be dancing all night – so, skip the heels. 

Guys Rave Clothing

Guys have it much easier, because they really don’t have to wear anything special at all. Just jeans and a t-shirt and no one hopes for anything more. Nevertheless, there are plenty of dress up options for the guys and it is a sure way to attract more attention. Again Kikwears or phat pants are a good option. But you could wrap yourself in EL wire from head to toe and still make an excellent appearance. I would recommend UFO pants from personal experience because they are comfy, light and great for dancing. Once again consider that you will be cutting the rug into the wee hours of the morning, so wear comfortable shoes. 

So, to recap: raves are fun and anything goes. While you will want to be aware of the weather and venue conditions, you can wear anything that comes to mind. You will be dancing and in close proximity to other dancers so light and comfy clothing comes highly recommended. Then just have fun, there are no punishments here. Except for those with uncomfortable shoes, they will have blisters in the morning.

Fashion and High Society

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