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Getting stuck amid iPad updation to iOS 12? Here is what you need to know

Getting stuck amid iPad updation to iOS 12? Here is what you need to know

However careful you might be, issues can always crop up during the updating process. Sometimes, you might have felt fed up with the software updates and would have decided no more updating. Now, if you are one of those people who have decided not going through with the updating process, then here is a small piece of advice: like how every new model of smartphone looks shiny and attractive, so does every new software update. Every software update comes with certain new features and some fixes for bugs that were reported in the previous version. Hence, software updates are necessary for your devices to run smoothly. Here, in this write-up we will take a look at some of the problems that might hinder your iPad updating process and their solutions.

Here are some of the problems that get you stuck mid-way through the iPad updation to iOS 12. Now, before we take a look at the different problems, a gentle reminder: you might be able to fix the problems listed out below might on your own with the help of the solutions mentioned below too. But if at any point you feel that you are no expert to tackle the issue, it is always better to take it up with an iPad repair center nearby. If you are living in Delhi and need to find an iPad service center nearby, Google “iPad repair center Delhi” – you would get a list of service centers nearby. Choose the one that is easily accessible to you.

Some of the problems that you can face (or get stuck with) while you try to update your iPad over the air (i.e., using your device):

• Verifying the update

• An error “unable to verify update” is shown

• Gets stuck on the “Attempting data recovery” screen

• Stuck with “download and install”

• You might be simply stuck with the screen showing Apple’s logo and the progress bar

Some of the problems that you can face (or get stuck with) while you try to update your iPad using iTunes:

• Gets stuck on recovery mode

• Gets stuck on Apple’s logo

• Gets stuck with a black screen, sometimes with the loading icon

• Due to some error code (example 4013, 3194, etc.)

Trying to update your iPad over the air:

To update your iPad over the air, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update -> Download and install. Since as mentioned above, the updating process might not be a smooth one. Should you encounter any problems, try the following tips:

• Check your internet connection

• Delete the currently downloaded iOS software and download it once again

• Try hard restarting the iPad

• Try updating your iPad using iTunes

Now, if you are updating your iPad via iTunes and if you encounter any of the issues mentioned above, then follow the tips below:

• Try to update your iPad using a third-party tool

• Try setting your iPad in “recovery” mode and then restore using iTunes

These tips need not necessarily solve your issue or you might even face an issue that might not be listed here. In any case, if you feel that you cannot get it fixed yourself, then the best solution is to take to an iPad servicing center. Be it aniPad repair center Delhi, Kerala or any other place, find one nearby your location and let the experts take a look at it. If your iPad’s screen is damaged and if it needs a change, then avail an iPad screen replacement service from an expert service provider. If you need to look up one, Google “iPad screen replacement Delhi” (that is, if your place is in Delhi).


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