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Guide to Buying Refuse Trucks for Business

Guide to Buying Refuse Trucks for Business

A waste collection business requires a reliable fleet of vehicles. More specifically, you need heavy-duty refuse trucks. Purchasing these vehicles is at times confusing, especially with the many choices available. Moreover, you also need to decide whether it is best to buy refurbished or brand-new trucks. This article aims to simplify the process by providing general tips on how to buy your next refuse truck.

Choosing which type of truck to purchase

When looking at refuse vehicles for sale, you need to decide what kind of vehicle you need. Different aspects of waste collection require a specific piece of equipment. For example, a front bin loader is best if you are specialising in commercial waste collection. On the other hand, it is better to choose a rear loader for residential waste collection because roads are typically narrower.

Choosing between brand-new and refurbished

Refurbished trucks undoubtedly cost less. It is also possible to find refurbished trucks in excellent working condition, similar to a brand-new model. However, maintenance is usually more expensive for second-hand equipment. Try to look for newer models.

When buying brand-new refuse trucks, the upfront investment is higher. But you are assured of high-quality and reliable performance for at least several years of use. Used vehicles always run the risk of breaking down sooner than expected. Although you pay less initially, maintenance costs could add up.

There is no clear choice between brand-new and refurbished because it all depends on your budget and needs. A good option would be to have a variety of trucks available for your business. You may have some which are brand-new, and refurbished trucks for specific jobs.

Looking for a reliable dealer

You need to be cautious if buying refurbished refuse trucks. Every dealership is different, and there are several factors you need to look into. First, who restores the trucks? Is the dealership buying trucks refurbished and reselling them? You need a detailed history of the vehicle you are buying. The dealership has to provide you detailed information about the restoration. There also needs to be some guarantee and assurance that the vehicle is still in good condition.

In addition to maintenance, look for a refurbished truck with low mileage. You might also want to consider having the vehicle completely repainted. Reconditioning the vehicle engine also helps improve its performance. Take time to inspect the vehicle. Look for visible signs of wear and tear. The exterior of the vehicle might have tell-tale signs of damage.

Have an expert check the engine. The amount of care you take before buying a refurbished vehicle will have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line. You also need to research the dealership’s reputation. Find out what clients are saying about them.

Some dealerships will also help you with financing the purchase. Look into this option before going with a lender. Get several quotes from different dealerships and compare the pros and cons of each before you sign a deal.



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