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Hacks to Make Your Refrigerator Last Longer and Use Less Energy

Hacks to Make Your Refrigerator Last Longer and Use Less Energy

While you may know a couple of ways to make the fridge work efficiently, we suggest trying these tips for an even better result.

General maintenance hacks

1. Pull the fridge out. Never forget any refrigerator needs at least an inch of breathing room behind it. This results in higher energy efficiency and longer life of the appliance.

2. Make sure the refrigerator is neither empty nor overloaded. It’s the type of appliance that works more efficiently when it’s almost full. The freezer should be about three-quarters full to retain cold air. 

3. Check out whether the refrigerator door seals work well. To bring them back to life, run a powerful magnet along the gasket in the same direction about 50 times.

4. Line the shelves. This may help you keep the shelves clean. Next time they’ll get dirty, you’ll just replace the plastic wrap instead of scrubbing the shelves.

5. Keep the freezer vents clear. Look inside the freezer. In a frost-free refrigerator, you’ll see little vents necessary to let the air to circulate inside. Keep the food packages away from the vents and clean the air return.

6. If the fridge displays an error code that later disappears, don’t dismiss it. At least check it out in the user’s manual or online (Samsung refrigerator error code is an example of such a list).

Cleaning tips

You may be surprised with the results these simple steps have on your fridge. Each of them will take less than ten minutes and leave you enough time to enjoy social life and take part in summer festivals and other events.

1. Start with the refrigerator condenser coils


The coils cool and condense the refrigerant. When they grow clogged, your fridge isn’t able to easily get rid of the heat it produces. The compressor has to work harder, which means it uses more energy and breaks sooner.


You will find the coils on the back of the refrigeration or across the bottom. If they are at the bottom, unsnap the grille to access them. If the coils in your model of the refrigerator are on the back, you’ll have to take the appliance out to be able to get the access to them.

We recommend using a special brush and additionally vacuuming the coils. Brush the coils very gently making sure you don’t damage the fan blades.

How often?

Twice a year. In case there’re any shedding animals at home, you’ll have to do it more often.

2. Get to the condenser fan


The condenser fan is responsible for circulating the air across the coils. Reasons, why it should be clean, are pretty much the same as in case of the condenser coils themselves: dirt and dust put additional strain on the compressor making its life shorter.


First, you’ll need to find the fan. It is always next to the compressor. It’s also where the coils are located in your fridge. If the coils are found on the bottom, the fan is also there. If the coils are on the back, there’ll be no fan.

If in doubt, check out whether your fridge has a diagram on the back or under the front grille, which shows where the largest parts are located.

Pull the fridge away from the wall and remove the lower back cover using a screwdriver. Brush and vacuum the fan blades making sure you pay enough attention to the shaft. You don’t have to lubricate it as in this case it’ll get dirty sooner.

How often?

Twice a year or more often in case there’re pets with long hair at home.

3. Wipe the refrigerator door gaskets


When sticky liquids (like syrup) drip down, they may dry on the gasket gluing it to the frame. Because of this, you can damage the gasket next time you open the door. 

While this simple step takes only a couple of minutes, it’s a good way to cut down air leaks and save you around $150 (the cost of the gasket repair).


Use soapy water and a sponge. Our experts don’t recommend using detergent as it can possibly damage the surface of the material from which the gasket is made.

How often?

Once in two or three months or wherever the gaskets start looking dirty.

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