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Happy Birthday Flowers to Send

Happy Birthday Flowers to Send

Not sure about different happy birthday flowers to gift to someone special? Know the birthday month and find the right flower and plan your surprise.

Happy Birthday Flowers to Send to Loved Ones

Celebrating birthday of a special one is always romantic and a fun thing to do. Not only does it show love and affection but also turns out to be the best way to show creativity in everything. Normally, flowers are the main source to express feelings but ever thought to send a flower type that matches his/her birthstone? Sounds weird? Well, there are different types of  happy birthday flowers according to every month. It’s just about finding the right type so that it could spice up the entire celebrations with uniqueness. Below is the list of birthday flowers with respect to birthstones.

1. January- Garnet
Red garnet is the perfect birthstone for people born in January as it matches the rich, deep red feel. Red roses are the sign of romance and love that can go with any flower type- be it daisies, tulips etc. on the other hand, snowdrops and carnations are the official flowers for January so sending an extra bouquet of these flowers can accentuate the entire feel.

2. February- Amethyst
These types of flowers are available in different colors (purple, pink etc). however, purple has been the most preferred color, especially when it is added in a bouquet with primroses or violets. These two flowers are also included in the list of February’s birth flowers as they symbolize wisdom, faith and hope, just perfect for Aquarians.

3. March- Aquamarine
For March, the birthstone is aquamarine that is actually a delicate blue flower. Hydrangeas top the list with their ability to give a sophisticated and soft look to a white bouquet of roses or lilies. As far as March’s birth flowers are concerned, nothing can welcome spring as beautifully as daffodils do. So, for an Aries, they work as the sign of bold gesture and passion.

4. April- Diamond
Diamond is the birthstone of April that contains unlimited potential to get the perfect match. Traditionally, white flowers make a lovely bouquet consisting of lilies, carnations, orchids and roses. Daisies and sweet pea are April’s birth flower. So, they are perfect for people who are fond of natural beauty.

5. May- Emerald
There are a lot of options to match the birthstone. When arranged with lots of greenery, emerald gives the perfect bloom to the bouquet. So, in order to get that bloom, use green chrysanthemums called Bells of Ireland. For the birth flower, people can go for green lilies to give an unusual and unique look.

6. June- Pearl
Just like April, June also involves different types of white shades to match the pearl birthstone. People can go for anything from lilies, orchids to roses along with pink and oranges flowers in a bouquet. Honeysuckle and rose are June’s birth flower that reflect the levity and lightness of delphiniums.

7. July- Ruby
Sending a jewel-toned red bouquet is always one of the best gifts for people born in July. When playfully arranged with daisies, they become the perfect definition of association. Water lilies and larkspurs are the official birth flowers that grab as much attention as Leos do.

8. August- Peridot
In the list of happy birthday flowers, olive green peridots turn out to be an unusual choice as they work incredibly with ferns and other types of plants. They explain the bounty of summertime while gladiolus and poppy represent Augusts’ accents. As the birth flowers for the month, they dictate intellectual and serious nature of Virgos.

9. September- Sapphire
Sending a bouquet having delphiniums and hydrangeas in blue is one of the best gifts for September born people. Salvias and cornflower are other blue options to take into consideration. Morning glory and aster are the birth flowers that represent sincerity and thoughtfulness with sense of balance.

10. October- Tourmaline or Opal
In order to create feminine, pearlescent sheen, opals are the ideal option as they are available in a wide range of colors to match the birthstone. With varied cuts, opals can be pink, white or lavender to capture attention as needed. English marigolds or calendulas are official blooms for the month. They symbolize passionate and sensuous Scorpios along with white peonies and lush pink.

11. November- Topaz
The birthstone for November varies from dark amber to pale yellow. There are different types of orange and yellow shades to make a beautiful bouquet. Chrysanthemums are birth flowers, available in different shades of orange and yellow. They represent versatility and multidimensional personality of Sagittarians.

12. December- Turquoise
December is the ideal month to celebrate one’s love for blue as its birthstone matches with shades of turquoise. People can have delphiniums, morning glories, hydrangeas or esters in one bouquet to surprise someone special. As for official blooms, there are hollies and narcissus that describe sensitivity and feelings.


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