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Happy, Healthy and Fit: 10 Benefits Of Running

Happy, Healthy and Fit: 10 Benefits Of Running

If you consider yourself a person who hates exercises, it might be difficult to get into shape, but that doesn’t mean there’s no hope. Being fit means better health, more self-esteem and of course, much more happiness. Now, in case you find gyms too crowded or noisy, and yoga too slow, the best way to start being physically active is, of course, running. It’s not easy to begin, especially if you’re out of shape, but with a bit of effort and persistence, it possible to be a dedicated runner. Therefore, here are some benefits of running that could help you make up your mind and start jogging:

1. Running can help fight depression

Being depressed isn’t a joke and should definitely be taken seriously. For those suffering from depression, getting therapy and taking meds is definitely the right way to deal with the problem, but aside from that, being physically active can surely help alleviate the symptoms. 

Only 30 minutes of everyday running can improve one’s mental health, and what’s even better, you don’t need to go outside to run, instead, get yourself a quality treadmill and run whenever you want.

2. It can improve your physique

Of course, in order to look well-toned and muscular, it’s necessary to incorporate other exercises, such as weight lifting, but for those who just aim to lose weight, running will surely suffice. Plus, going for a run can surely help you get rid of excess fat since it requires you to burn more calories, and also, you’ll be able to improve your stamina which you can later use for more challenging exercises. 

3. Your focus will increase

Some studies showed that running can improve one’s ability to focus, due to regular physical activity that has multiple benefits when it comes to bettering cognitive abilities. 

So next time, you can’t focus on your work or school project, get your running shoes and go for a run, because chances are you’ll feel more focused and productive when you come back.

4. Running will strengthen your joints

Many people still believe that running is detrimental to your knees, while in fact, scientific study from Boston University has discovered quite the opposite — running actually improves knee health. Many long-term studies have proved that running can have a positive effect on one’s body. People with arthritis are often those who have never run before, while people who run have lower chances of developing osteoarthritis. 

5. It will make you happier

As mentioned before, running can help combat symptoms of depression and anxiety, but apart from that, being an active runner will make you happier in the long run. If you’re a long-time runner, then you’re probably familiar with the phenomena known as “runner high” which is the feeling of pure bliss thanks to the rush of feel-good hormones known as endocannabinoids. That’s why experienced runners are so dedicated to their lifestyle: preparing for and running a marathon has many benefits as it can give one a purpose in life, which is always a good thing. So, if you ever feel a bit blue, instead of opting for alcohol, drugs or junk food, it would be much better to run for at least 15 minutes, as that will surely lift your mood and help you feel better.

6. Running can lower the risk of cancer

Running won’t cure this terrible illness, but according to studies from Journal Nutrition, regular running can reduce the risk of getting some cancers. And for those who are battling it, being physically active can improve recovery prospects while undergoing chemotherapy. Still, it’s important to consult your doctor especially if you’re in the middle of your treatment because sometimes running can be too exhausting, especially for those who are seeking treatment from malignant diseases.

7. It will make you live longer

Only a minimum amount of exercise per day (30 minutes, 5 times a week) can add years to your life. This can be extremely beneficial if you’re a smoker, as it’s well-known that smoking takes years away, so being a runner can counteract the harmful effects of smoking by making your life last longer. The same goes for people who survived cancer and heart diseases. 

8. It will improve your sleep

For those who struggle to fall asleep or stay awake in the morning, running may be the solution. Studies showed that regular running can help you sleep better and longer, and if you have issues with waking up in the morning, then maybe running will be the right thing to motivate you to wake up and leave your bed without struggling.

9. You’ll get rid of bad habits

Binge eating, recreational drugs, drinking, and smoking might sound fun, but they’re not beneficial to your health in any way, so if you have issues getting rid of the habits, running will surely help you get them under control. Quitting smoking and drinking altogether might be difficult, that’s why being physically active can help you live a healthier life that you will help you abandon bad habits when the time comes.

10. You will be stronger 

Since running can be favorable for your heart, lungs, and joints, you’ll naturally become much stronger and more self-confident. Due to constant movement, your joints will be in better shape and your muscles will start to show. After years of running, you’ll feel young and look much better compared to people in your age group that don’t run.

In conclusion, running will make your life better in multiple ways. You don’t need to be an ambitious runner, instead, start by running only a couple of minutes per day, since the best way to start implementing positive habits, is to start with baby steps. Soon you’ll realize that you’ve made the right decision and running will become a regular part of your routine.


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