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Healthy Hydration with HyVIDA

Healthy Hydration with HyVIDA

New to shelves, nationwide, and first of its kind, HyVIDA proves that the reinvention of the water wheel is not just thing of the future.

The world’s first and only sparkling hydrogen and magnesium infused water, HyVIDA’s ‘Better Bubbles are sparkling of the shelves.

The taste is sweet, but no over the top. We love the way you within moments simply feel better while being refreshed.  

HyVIDA’s patents protected formula for infusing carbonation with hydrogen and magnesium delivers a functional sparkling water with many benefits. HyVIDA™ is proof that hydrogen water does in fact work.

Great flavors like Lemon Lime and Raspberry are delicious, along with a Pure for those who like it plain. The soothing power is also backed by significant science. The drinks are supported by over 500 published medical studies on the health benefits.

In New York City the drinks are available at Fairway. Happy summer and happy hydration.

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