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Hearing in the New World

Hearing in the New World

Hearing is something that is often taken for granted. It is a unique and special gift given to humans that unfortunately is not fully appreciated until it begins to weaken or even worse disappear.

Various fields of employment rely on hearing skills being in prime condition. From audio mixers on a film to sound engineers in music, industries can be broken when hearing becomes an issue.


I myself consider me to be one of those people with sensitive ears. Since I was a child I hated things in my ears, near my ears, etc. I don’t even have pierced ears because of this. When not writing, I also work in production and am on sets with 20 people on a constant walkie flow with you.

I hate earbuds. I won’t even listen to music while walking down the streets of New York City because of my sensitivity. But, on set the walkie and the ear bud mic are a must. By the end of the show I find myself with a right ear living in a world of fog. Sound becomes muffled and I feel like I have wrongly tortured my poor ear. Luckily I found a solution that all workers from production to music stages should be made aware of today.

Hearing Health Science is a team that with pride calls themselves the neuroscientists who hacked hearing preservation. The organization has worked for years to create a supplement that helps solve hearing loss for everyone. The advantageous discoveries they have made about free-radical induced inner ear pathologies is groundbreaking. In essence, the stress and damage done to your ear cannot be reversed, but it can be relieved with these little miracles called Soundbites.


For a week I took the supplement and over the duration did notice a change in the thumping fog I had in my ear after a very difficult recent show. The pain in my right side started to diminish and I frankly knew I was hearing better. Soothing relaxation is the best way to describe what happens after ingestion of these colorful capsules.

It’s science that has proven to work. As stated on the informative website, “Free radical formation associated with environmental stress from intense noise, drugs, aging and trauma play a key role in hearing loss and cell death in the inner ear. Our studies in the auditory system have demonstrated that antioxidants plus a vasodilator reduce by 75% both noise and drug (aminoglycoside)-induced inner ear pathology and hearing loss.”


The team lead by CEO Barry Seifer is going to make a difference in the world. The Soundbites supplement is cutting-edge and will result in hopefully the relief of age-old issue. Good hearing is not just about getting the music in your head. It is life. Studies have shown that once hearing goes dementia can kick in, as well as other mental issues. Why not find a way to combat it?

What is amazing about HHS is the work they are doing, but as well as making a mission statement to help those across the planet get better hearing. Their giveback program they have to help those in underdeveloped countries find a way to get the life-changing supplements in their hands is incredible. This is not just a product for rock stars and award-winning audio mixers. This is for all men and women.

The future of hearing is now. For more information please check out their site here.

Sensible Socialite

ElizaBeth Taylor is a journalist for Times Square Chronicles and is a frequent guest at film, fashion and art events throughout New York City and Los Angeles due to her stature as The Sensible Socialite.Passionate about people ElizaBeth spent many years working as a travel reporter and television producer after graduating with high honors from University of Southern California. The work has afforded her the opportunity to explore Europe, Russia, South America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. It has greatly influenced the way in which ElizaBeth sees a story and has created a heightened awareness for the way people around the world live today.

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