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Helpful Tips On How To Choose The Right Lanyard Card Holders

Helpful Tips On How To Choose The Right Lanyard Card Holders

Lanyards are made to make sure that ID badges are visible and safety all the time. Aside from that, these lanyards come in different size, type, and style which will definitely suit your personality and looks. They are widely available in the market and you are free to choose what best fits for you. 

When you are on the process of choosing what lanyard works best for you, you also need to make sure that this will bring full convenience upon wearing it. As you go along and look for the best lanyard in the market, let’s take a look at first to these helpful items you can use so you will be able to choose the lanyard cardholder that best represents you. 


All lanyards you can see comes in a different style. They are manufactured depending on the usage and purpose. Lanyard styles are also displayed depending on one’s personality and the ones wearing them. The most common lanyard you usually see being work is flat braid and round braid lanyards. 

Besides, there are also environmental-friendly lanyards that you can use which comes in a recycled plastic or bamboo made. The usual length of every lanyard measures about 36 inches long and has a ⅜” width. 


Aside from the variety of styles, you can choose, one quality you should look for all lanyard card holders must be its safety. Bear in mind lanyards come in break-away and non-breakaway methods. Take note that breakaway lanyards are safer to wear because in case someone pulls it, you don’t get choke and you won’t be injured. 

This type of lanyard is commonly used by students who are usually playing on grounds. That’s the main reason why that it’s most visible is all office and school supplies store as they are more practical to use. 

Customized  Lanyards 

Lanyards are also available for customization. Most of these are schools and organization in which they would like their company’s vision, mission, and logo printed on it. Customized lanyards show the real identity who you worked for and what you do as an individual. Using this lanyard will also help people identify your personality easily. 

The Way Your ID Would Be Attached 

When you purchase a good quality of lanyard cardholder, you should also consider how your ID should be attached. Remember that attachment comes in various ways and one of the most popular is the hook type. When you are using a hook type of lanyard, you can securely attach your ID and security badge making sure that you won’t lose it. 

Another type is the clip-on which allows you to just clip your ID. In some cases this can work especially if you don’t want so much accessory in your neck; however, you need to put attention to it all the time as it might slip causing you to lose your identification card. Also, you need to make sure that when you use this type of lanyard card holder, you must not move too much to avoid it from breaking. 


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