Helpful Tips to Plan an Amazing Alaskan Cruise

Helpful Tips to Plan an Amazing Alaskan Cruise

For as long as you can remember, going on an Alaskan cruise has been top on your bucket list.

Now, after saving up for this exciting trip, getting time off from the boss and arranging for a home and pet sitter, you are thrilled to be planning your first ever Alaskan cruise.

Ready to have the best experience visiting our nation’s 49th state? Then consider the following tips:

1. Choose Your Cruise Based on What You Want to Do and See

Alaskan cruises are not a one-size-fits-all type of vacation. Because the area is so vast, you’ll have a number of choices to make when booking your cruise. For instance, while searching online, you’ll undoubtedly find a number of Alaska cruise vacations that range from a week to nearly 20 nights. Some are round trip and others are one-way excursions, while some offer land tours in addition to plenty of time on the cruise ship. 

Take your time looking at the many options and decide what you want to get out of this trip. For instance, if you want to primarily enjoy the splendor of wildlife and glacier viewing from onboard the ship, you might opt for a cruise that offers these amenities. Conversely, if you have extra time off and also want to see as much of the state as possible, you might go for a cruise and land tour that includes three to 10 nights exploring the state by land.

2. Pack for the Expected Temperatures

When you think of Alaska’s weather, you might assume it’s freezing cold all the time. And while it’s certainly true Alaska gets its fair share of snow and frosty temperatures in the winter, the summer temperatures are quite pleasant. Daytime highs range from 60 to 80 degrees, with the overnight lows dipping into the 40s and 50s.

In May and September, you can subtract about 10 degrees from these numbers. So before you buy the biggest and warmest parka you can afford, research what the temperature will be like when you’re visiting. Packing a lightweight, warm coat is a great idea, and it will keep you warm without taking over your entire suitcase. Beyond that, pack clothes that you can easily layer during the warmer days and cooler evenings.

3. Bring Along Some Must-Have Accessories

As you pack your suitcase, don’t forget a number of accessories that will come in handy on your trip. For example, a pair of gloves is a smart addition; this way, if the weather is on the cool side, you can keep your hands nice and warm while snapping gorgeous scenery shots with your smartphone.

Other must-have accessories include binoculars, which will help you easily see eagles, whales, bears and other wildlife from the boat, as well as a refillable water bottle and sunscreen. Even if the temperatures are on the chilly side, your ship will probably have a heated pool, and that Alaska sun can sure give you a nasty burn if you’re not careful.

Enjoy Your Trip!

Chances are good that you’ll enjoy your Alaskan cruise so much that it will stay atop your bucket list for a repeat visit. By knowing what you hope to experience during your cruise and planning accordingly, choosing the right clothes and packing a number of handy accessories, you will have an incredible time on your much-anticipated trip to Alaska.

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