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Here are the Most Important Basics for Your Tree Trimming

Here are the Most Important Basics for Your Tree Trimming

The landscape of your home is elegant, until onlookers’ eyes land on the dying tree in your garden! Your home’s aesthetic appeal then suddenly drops. Nobody wants an unhealthy tree that gives their home a bad face. This is why you should prioritize the trimming of your trees amidst your busy schedule. Trimming for trees is usually done twice a year, which is not as tasking. However, if you find yourself procrastinating, seek help from an arborist fast!

To trim, prune or top?

Before we continue with the tree trimming basics for your home, let’s clarify the meaning of these three terms that confuse most lay men: tree trimming, pruning and topping. Do you really understand the meaning and differences of these terms? Let’s see!

Tree trimming is cutting off over grown branches to a desired size. This has a direct impact on the tree’s health since trimming helps all the tree branches get maximum moisture and light. Tree pruning is cutting off unwanted matter from the tree like unhealthy branches. Tree topping is cutting off large portions of treetops, large branches or trunks to reduce the size of the tree. This automatically causes death to the tree because of the imbalance caused. The tree will no longer have leaves that match its roots. You do not have to cause such damage to a tree if you make prior research on the type of tree and size that you will require for your landscaping needs.

When should a tree be trimmed?

This depends on the type of tree since different species are trimmed in different times of the year. For example, oak trees should be trimmed during winter to prevent the common oak wilt disease. However, trees are pruned majorly when the need arises – when you realize that the tree’s growth is stunted.

It is not recommended to do your tree trimming during fall. Experts agree that fall is the time that trees usually heal themselves with the presence of bacteria and fungi that are majorly present in the season. You should therefore make most of your observations during summer months, when it is much easier to see the branches when the leaves have fallen. Once you make the careful observation in summer, you can then trim in winter. Winter is the best trimming season since the tree will be dormant – you will not be interfering with major growth. However, this should not limit you to trim during winter only. This is just the best time, but you can trim at any time depending on the need.

It is a rule of thumb to always cut close to the tree’s collar. In addition, cutting healthy branches can permanently deter their once healthy state of growth. To avoid such mistakes, you should consider contracting a professional to ensure the process is safe and fruitful.

When all is said and done, what matters is your commitment to your trees from the foundational principles of soil health and water intake. When these basics are done, you will reduce the need for frequent tree trimming in Dallas.


Mark Lewis is a renowned arborist famed for his tree preservation efforts in Dallas. Get more information about tree trimming Dallas on our website. You can as well follow Mark on his twitter handle @


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