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Here Is An Opportunity To Meet Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Here Is An Opportunity To Meet Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The Christ Embassy’s International Easter Youth Camp is here again. It is back and better. What will you be doing from 29th of March to 5th of April? Won’t you rather be where your life will be changed for good? The program begins from 29th of March and ends of 5th of April. It is already around the corner and those that have attended the previous editions are already excited.

You can be sure that you won’t leave the event the same person. You won’t be the same again. You will be more enlightened, educated, motivated and the fire of the Holy Spirit will be re-ignited in you to prepare you for God’s plans for you, your life and your destiny.

This year’s youth camp is billed to hold in Johannesburg, South Africa. Have you ever had the privilege to meet Pastor Chris, the founder of Believers Love World (Christ’s Embassy)? This event will give you a rare opportunity to meet the highly revered man of God on a silver platter.

In fact, it will be more than just meeting him. He will educate you, preach to you, speak into your life, and turn you into a new person entirely. In addition, he will also get to answer all your questions. Remember, the event is for youths and Pastor Chris will use the opportunity to demonstrate his love and commitment to youths like you.

Since this is an international event, it will also give you the opportunity to meet other youths from the different parts of the world. You will have the opportunity to meet new Christian friends from all over the world.

All the youths that have been dreaming of meeting the great man of God will definitely get enough of him and his teachings. Ever since the maiden edition of the event took place several years ago, organizers of the event have been improving every year. Subsequent editions are usually better than previous editions in terms of activities and attendance. This implies that this year’s edition will also be better than all the previous editions. You don’t want to miss it for anything.

Imagine having several sessions of praise worship with Chris Оyakhilome right in your midst. You don’t get such moments all the time. The earlier you book your space the better because tickets are usually quickly sold out. The event offers a rare combination of fun and thrilling camping activities with Church programs. For those who think last year’s event was “the bomb”, they just ain’t seen anything yet. They should to see what Pastor Chris has in stock for them this year. If you have been missing all the youth camps, with what is in stock for you, this year’s event will make it up for you.

While there are other side attractions like wonderful refreshments, nothing compares to listening to the man of God. He is committed to youths and that is why he will shelve all other commitments to be with you and other youths during the days of the event.

Do you have personal problems hampering your Christian life? Do you have any problem holding you back? This event gives you the opportunity to lay it bare in front of Pastor Chris. Apart from being a Pastor, he is a father and he understands. He is ready to guide you aright. In fact, he feels obliged to guide and mentor as many youths as possible. It is part of his contributions to humanity.

Be sure that if you participate in this year’s youth camp, you will be looking forward to next edition because of the fun, thrills, and all other benefits. Once again, attend this year’s International Easter Youth Camp and your life will never

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