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Here’s Why You Should Consider Teaching K-12

Here’s Why You Should Consider Teaching K-12

Here’s Why You Should Consider Teaching K-12

Teaching is a career that offers exciting personal rewards and long-term benefits, no matter which grade or subject you decide to teach. It helps you build transferable skills you can implement later in your own life while helping children get the education they need to thrive in the world. While work experiences may vary from school to school, teachers are highly valued and in demand in almost every type of institution. Once you find the school that suits you and you discover the joy of teaching, you will likely experience the following rewards and more.

Make a positive impact

As a teacher, you have the opportunity to make a direct impact on the future of childrens’ lives and contribute to building a stronger educational system. You can be the change you want to see and a champion for your students’ success. In addition to their academic success, you get to teach students the discipline and habits they need to become independent and critical thinkers, ones who will be able to form responsible opinions and make important decisions in their lives to flourish in society. As you can see, teachers are more than teachers—they are passionate individuals who play an important role in the holistic development of a child. There’s nothing better than seeing a student grow and find happiness because of the support you provided.

Express your creativity

Teachers have a great deal of discretion in terms of how they present their material, even if the school provides a curriculum. Many NYC teaching jobs allow teachers to leverage their unique abilities and personality to engage their students in fun learning experiences. As a teacher, you’ll have the authority and freedom to set the tone for your class and incorporate your own flavor into your lessons to further engage students.

Nurture a love of learning

Building off of the last reward, teachers are encouraged to share and further cultivate their passions, whether it be science, poetry, math—or even sports—which is extremely gratifying! While this will inspire students to be more naturally curious and engaged in your lessons, it’ll also prompt you to be more engaged in teaching. You’ll be led to seek out new information that can enhance your lessons and presentation, deepening your knowledge of a variety of topics that will help your students retain information even better. It’s a strength that teachers often want to see in their students, so why not start with yourself?

Challenge your thinking

Many schools offer professional development opportunities for new and experienced teachers. Regardless of your background, there is always something to learn to keep up with the growing demands of the education landscape and the needs of students and families. As a teacher, you may even learn a ton from your own students who bring a variety of perspectives to the table and often challenge your own thinking. You are put in a position to deliver the highest standards of academic and social-emotional support for students through sessions usually based around a topic that needs attention school-wide. It is also an opportunity to grow closer to colleagues and hone in on ways to work as a better interdependent team.

Grow your career

Once you find a role that fits you, professional, and often speedy, growth is inevitable. For those who exude passion and are committed everyday to the work they do, there are more possibilities for career growth. Teachers have the opportunity to further discover their passions, quickly become highly capable teachers in a field of study, and develop transferable skills they can apply in any role within or outside of the industry. No matter what your experience is coming in, some schools, particularly charter schools, offer a strong support system of leaders and other educators who want to see everyone grow and succeed—because students’ success depends on it. This is also rewarding because your advancement keeps things exciting, keeps you learning, and offers you a chance to see your students grow with you too.

Communicate better

Every day, teachers have to be able to simplify complex concepts and present them in a way that’s going to be engaging and accessible to students. In addition to speaking with students, teachers continuously collaborate with their colleagues to ensure their lessons and practices are effective for their students. Through meaningful collaboration, you’ll learn how to deliver precise feedback and receive constructive feedback that will make you feel more confident in the work that you do. Knowing how to communicate effectively will ultimately allow you to be more efficient, create better relationships, and enhance learning experiences.

Learn about people

Working in education prepares you to interact with so many different personalities throughout your life. You often engage with colleagues, families, and students, and they offer a variety of perspectives and challenges that will keep you sharp. You gain greater insight into other ways of thinking, and you learn to further value and respect other people’s opinions, which is a quality of a great leader. Working with so many people on a daily basis is a simple hack that can help you navigate life better, because we are meant to live in community and quite frankly, need to understand people to do a lot of things. You’ll have a heightened discernment when it comes to making decisions that involve people.

Find a sense of purpose

Because the face of K-12 education has changed drastically over the past year and jobs are in high demand, schools are searching for individuals whom they can depend on. Whether you decide to work in education for three or 30 years, it is extremely satisfying to know that you have made an impact and can apply that knowledge almost anywhere you go.

All in all, teaching is a job that you can fall more and more in love with over time. Working in education is a badge of honor you can take with you wherever you go. The payoff of teaching is tremendous for both the teacher and the student. In today’s ever-evolving job climate and competitive market, working in education is something that can make you stand out from the crowd and adapt almost anywhere while always leaving a mark behind. Whether you’re exploring options or ready to rise to the top as a school leader, your skills can make a difference and reap long-lasting benefits.


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