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Hidden Gems To Becoming A Better Putter In Golf

Hidden Gems To Becoming A Better Putter In Golf

Golf is a game or should I say a sport that is full of vibrant and fantastic history. More appealing about this sport is the fact that it involves less physical contact; hence, it denotes little or no significant injuries associated with other popular but dangerous games like soccer or American football.

But make no mistake, It is one hell of a sport to engage in, in that it takes hawk-like concentration, the patience of a predator, the cunning of a fox, the wisdom of an owl and not to mention, the strength of a horse.

Which leaves us wondering!!! If this game is such an enjoyable and fascinating game, how come there aren’t golf shops all over the place and why aren’t a lot of people playing this supposedly beautiful sports?

The answer to this question isn’t as black and white as you would expect, owing to some reasons.

  • It is an expensive sport, and thus requires some chunk of cash for anyone looking to set up a golf shop.
  • There are a lot of intricate technicalities involved in the sport which can seem daunting for a new beginner.
  • It requires a very strong mental and physical disposition. It is no wonder that Tiger Wood was affected by personal conflicts in his marriage, that he had to withdraw for several years from playing golf professionally.
  • It requires consistency and practice routines, as some moves in golf, goes contrary to how our brain is naturally wired.

The list goes on and on!!

Golfers are very picky, and it is not their fault— and here is why, it is difficult for two golfers to use the same equipment even if they have the same height, arm length, shoulder spread, body weight, etc. Not mincing words, there is no one size fits all for golfers.

More so, it very important for a golfer or anyone aspiring to become a golf player to pick out a piece of equipment that is most suited for their body type and their style of play.

So here are some tips to help both beginners and already existing players in making a better putt. 

Better putting

It is difficult for most golfers to find time to practice putting—as a matter of fact, it is usually not an easy task for any golfer be it a beginner or an existing player. It cannot be stressed enough that every player must find time to create a practice routine that invariably turns in a habit, especially when it comes to putting.

For better alignment, a player needs to be aware of his or her aim, then position their body for holing more putts and posting a better score.

Here are three tips:

Always try to map or study the land and the overall terrain before reaching the green. Make sure to be on the lookout for the high and low areas, and try to have a sense of the underlying slope of the surrounding area.

The lower one can go in on the putting surface to view these attributes, the better.

In choosing a line, try to first determine the speed before choosing an aiming line. Whenever you are not sure, then it is safer to pick a minimum speed with a maximum amount of breaks.

After assessing the outline of the green and hitting the putt, try to compare your read to the way the ball reacted. For a badly misread putt, stop and take a minute to evaluate what was missed in assessing the slope.

Setup and alignment

With the help of the logo on your golf ball aligned at the proper aiming point, it should be easy to set—what is usually called the “putter face”—to this line.

You may also find it helpful to have a putter with line or marks to help visualize the alignment. After you are done with visualizing and aiming, make sure your arms are hanging freely, that your eyes are slightly inside the ball or target line and most crucially that your shoulders are square to the target.

Body posture or stability

When putting, it is crucial that the body remains very still, because any movement no matter how little, can cause your putter path to-become inconsistent—which will make solid contact near impossible.

A good way to address this issue is to keep the eyes focused on the impact area. Doing this will significantly reduce the tendency to move the body.

Touch and feel

One of the many shortcomings of several golf players is that they pay too much attention to mechanics and contact, that they fail to realize that much credence should be accorded to the energy required to make that “putting touch” distance. Below are three drills that can help you if yours are a little off.

Eyes drill: try to make three long puts with a minimum of 50feet. Which, in most cases, will come up short—that is if you adhere to the reasonable standards. Now try the shot again, but this time, be sure to look at your target during the entire motion. Chances are you will hit these putts past the hole, and this because your eyes have an odd way of translating feel to your body.

This is an excellent drill that leads to a healthy pre-stroke routine in which you are looking at the target during your practice motions until you become confident of your stroke’s power.

Safety area drill

On the green, make a semi-circle around the back of the edge of the hole using the length of your putter as a distance guide, and mark the area with a few “tees.” Try to practice from different lengths until you can get ten putts in a row, to come to a stop either in the hole or inside the semi-circle(safety zone).

On a conclusive note.

Nearest to the hole contest.

This drill involves another golf player, in which you both play a putting match that gives points to the player that putts closest to the hole. Award five points for making a putt, and two points for lagging inside the length of your putter. A bonus point can be awarded to the ball that is closest to the hole. And for any putt made outside the safety zone—deduct one point.


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