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High-Speed Electric Linear Actuators Implementation

High-Speed Electric Linear Actuators Implementation

The high-speed linear actuators are a special type of linear actuator technology. They provide higher lifting speeds than conventional linear actuators. This is possible due to a reduction in the number of turnarounds, a stable design, optimized lubrication conditions, various thread steps, and permissible rotation speeds.

Being designed for particularly dynamic and complex applications where standard linear actuators are not suitable due to their simple design, high-speed linear actuators demonstrate extremely effective performance.

What is High-Speed Electric Actuator – Where to Use Them 

The PA-15 High-Speed actuators are ultra-fast linear actuators that are much more powerful industrial products mainly used for a single-axis or two-axis photoelectric tracking system. The compact dimension of this automation miracle – 1,18 inches in diameter and 2.13 inches in length & the extremely fast-moving mechanism showing the speed of 3.15 inches per second allow using it within small mechanisms and in limited spaces. 

This high-speed automation technology can be used in agricultural machinery, industrial automation, solar energy tracking, wind power automation, construction equipment, sanitary equipment, outdoor mobile devices, ship automation applications, food and beverage automation, ventilation and agricultural solutions, trucks and heavy vehicles, and even electric vehicles.

Compatibility with Other Parts

Electric linear actuators of Progressive Automation are easily compatible with the control boxes. In particular, they are compatible with all PA self models of control boxes. So the maximum effectiveness could have been reached using the technologies of the same family (manufacturer). Among the variants available for the global market are wired and wireless remotes, as well as control boxes supporting the WIFI technology. Using control boxes, linear actuators can easily be installed and controlled in a simple and pretty obvious manner. 

Another convenient thing about PA high-speed linear actuators is that they have built-in limit switches that prevent them from untimely wear-off, malfunctioning, etc. The limit switch technology used within these actuators works according to a crossbar method with the dual cutoff circuit.

The high-speed actuators are also compatible with mounting brackets specially designed to attach this linear motion automation technology to work steadily and effectively even in that environment where it would be unsuitable at first glance. Such mounting brackets are usually lightweight so that they can be installed on every device that requires the linear motion automation provided by actuators.

Also, aluminum inner & outer tube casing allows using such actuators not worrying to exceed the amount of weight affordable for example inside complicated mechanisms where the mechanism self-weight plays an integral role in its proper performance. It also allows minimizing the noise and vibrations. 

Multifunctionality Suitable for All Situations

The ultra-fast PA electric linear actuators are highly resistant to acid and alkali, anti-aging, IP protection, wind-resistant, and transmission accurate. Moreover, the ultra-fast linear 12V actuators are also suitable for industrial equipment. To meet customers’ real needs, no matter what technical requirements they want to see, they can use this masterpiece of PA engineers who did their best to customize the products that nowadays demonstrate the highest popularity at the global automation market. 

PA high-speed linear actuators are compact in their size. They have high load capacity, they are protected from water and dust, are can be synchronized with alike automation mechanisms with the help of control boxes, electric relays, and remote controls. High-speed actuators are distinguished by outstanding durability and high operational characteristics – such as lifting capacity, speed, acceleration and duty cycle that is up to 20 percent. Start using extremely fast linear motion automation solutions of this manufacturer and experience the unseen level of performance. This 12V linear motion automation mechanisms will change your perception of the word “effective” forever.

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