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Hiring An Arborist Ensures Proper Management Of Trees

Hiring An Arborist Ensures Proper Management Of Trees

There are lots of reasons to hire the services of an arborist. The first and foremost reason is that they ensure proper management of trees as they provide a wide variety of services all aimed at retaining the proper health and long life of the tree.

  • An arborist is a person, who is a professionally trained expert having lost of knowledge about caring for trees after planting them.
  • They are also highly knowledgeable about the maintenance and all sorts of requirements of each tree.
  • They are the people who have adequate experience and expertise to combine the science with the art of tree plantation and care effectively and efficiently.
  • Most importantly, they have all the required equipment and tools to provide the best tree care service as desired by you ensuring safety at all times to the highest standards.

Therefore, if you want the trees in your yard to live long, remain disease free and make the surrounding and landscape beautiful, hire an arborist, but be careful to hire the right person after conducting thorough research about their credentials.

Return on investment

It is a sort of an investment when you spend money on proper tree care and hire an arborist for that specific purpose. Such an investment will provide substantial return in the future which you may overlook. These benefits include increase in the value of your property along with its aesthetic appeal. If you have any ill-maintained tree in your compound on the other hand it will become your liability soon and even pose serious threats to life and property. Therefore, to take proper care of your trees you should:

  • Prune and trim trees on a regular basis
  • Remove the dangerous trees from your compound and
  • Have it inspected annually if not bi-annually.

Choosing the best arborist

Look for one and you will get a huge list of names of arborists in your area. However, all may not have the same level of experience and efficacy. Therefore, you will need to do some research on the arborists based on the following points:

At this juncture you must remember that certification in arboriculture is a voluntary process and is not sponsored or endorsed by the government. However, it is best to hire a professional possessing such a certificate for the good health of your trees and safety for the tree as well as for you and your family.

Always rely on reliable and reputable tree care service rather than any individual for better results and safe execution of work. Visiting reliable sites such as and other related one will make your selection process easy. Most essentially, read the customer reviews and testimonials before finalizing on a specific arborist.

Difference in needs

The need for a tree may be different form one another even if you have the same variety of tree as that of your neighbor’s. The tree in your compound may be healthier than the others and it all depends on the care, soil conditions and several other factors.

Therefore, it is required that the appropriate caring process is followed as per the requirement of the tree. It is only a professionally trained and qualified arborist who will know about it all and will formulate a plan accordingly and suggest you about the right precautionary measure to take if necessary.

They are the ones who will be able to identify any diseases that a tree may have, treat the disease and ensure a long and healthy life. In addition to that they will look for hollow spots in the tree trunk, dead branches, pest infestations and work accordingly to remedy these situations with the use of approved and safe pesticides, manure and much more.

Apart from that, their services will be varied and it will range from:

  • Tree pruning following the right method and time
  • Emergency care as and when required
  • Deciding whether or not a tree should be removed from your premise
  • Providing valuable tree care tips and advice for general tree care to reduce chances of further damage to the tree
  • Recommend proper planting of trees considering the species suitable for the soil and climate and
  • Suggest for bracing and cabling after proper risk assessment of a tree.

Importance of arborists

In today’s environment where there is a growing concern of carbon footprints, having healthy trees in and around your home and even factory premises is essential. An arborist who is specialized in taking care of the trees will help you to do just that.

Apart from contributing handsomely to the environment, the arborist will ensure that there are no diseased or decayed branches on the trees. These are not only harmful to the trees itself but it also poses a significant threat to the people’s lives, your property as well as that of your neighbor’s. These branches can fall off all of a sudden and cause considerable harm. Moreover, if a storm hits your area, these are the first things that will be blown away and if it lands on the roof it will surely cause significant and costly damage.

Other services provided

The arborist will ensure that proper process is followed according to the condition age and location of the tree. Ideally, older trees will require more care than the younger ones as it will have weak joints, decayed branches, and diseased stems. In addition to that, older trees are more prone to pests.

All these will call for:

  • More frequent inspection
  • More regular pruning and trimming and
  • Even removal of the tree entirely, if need be.

The arborist will ensure the tree has proper volume of foliage after pruning and trimming to ensure that there is enough sunlight and circulation of air. Therefore, it will be your most prudent decision if you invest on a professional arborist for proper management and care of trees.




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