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Holidays in Spain: best places to discover and improve your Spanish

Holidays in Spain: best places to discover and improve your Spanish

Do you like Spain and want to discover the country? It is not easy to know which city is the best for practising and discovering Spanish culture.

Which Spanish city to choose between Madrid and Barcelona for a trip that will make you progress in Spanish?

To see more clearly, let’s take a closer look at the objective because for the job, for the holidays, for the reception, the answer may not be the same!

Madrid or Barcelona for a stay in the year?

Spring in Barcelona is perfect for walking by the sea to enjoy the scenery but beware, think of a small scarf because hot and dry winds blow at this time of the year. Staying in this city is a great deal for improving Cervantes’ language. Language School Barcelona is one of the most famous for tourists interested in learning Spanish.

It is recommended to visit Madrid in spring or autumn. The Madrilenians have a fairly clear proverb about the temperatures of the capital: “nueve meses de invierno, tres meses de infierno” which means “9 months of winter, 3 months of hell”.

If the winter can be icy, down to -10 °, the summer turns Madrid into a furnace with peaks exceeding 40 °. You are warned! 

Madrid or Barcelona for the summer holidays?

If for you a holiday in a warm and sunny country always rhyme with the sea, ​​choose Barcelona. You will be able to engulf yourself in ramblas until the port, then to discover its marina with its luxurious boats.

Barceloneta is the closest beach to Barcelona city center (20 minutes by metro). For sports enthusiasts, kite surfers, windsurfers and surfers, you will find your happiness in the beach of Mar Bella.

If you’re looking for a small beach full of bars and restaurants, head to Nova Icaria beach, but for a bit more wild, there’s no doubt the Bogatell sandbar will fill your heart.

All beaches in Barcelona are monitored and accessible to people with reduced mobility.

In Madrid, you may miss the water but pools of the sports centers (Canal Isabel II and Casa de Campo) are easily accessible. The top of Madrid: swimming pools on the roofs like that of the hotel Emperador or the natural swimming pool of Manzanares.

In short, the perfect place to progress in Spanish during the holidays!

Should we rather work in Madrid or Barcelona?

First of all, you will not be able to win any contract if you do not speak Spanish.

If you speak only Spanish (Castilian), you will integrate more easily in Madrid. Indeed, if Barcelona has opted for bilingualism, locals adapt to foreigners by speaking Castilian and non-Catalan automatically.

But it is clear that if you do not master the first language of Catalonia, you will have more trouble. Finally, discover the differences between Spanish and Catalan in Spanish classes!

Study in Spain: Barcelona vs Madrid

Madrid is a metonymy of choice for discovering Spanish culture while Barcelona stands out for being part of Catalonia.

If you want to study Law or Economics, the Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid is considered one of the best on Spanish soil. For students wishing to opt for a private school, business schools are located in 2 cities and have no less than 80 different nationalities:

No matter which city you choose between Madrid and Barcelona for your studies, you will know all the pleasures of the Spanish hostel colocation, you will spend your evenings talking and having tapas with your roommates.

Cultural stay in Madrid or Barcelona?

Barcelona is best known for being the time of architect Gaudi. It is true that he left several treasures simply unavoidable in the city:

  • Park Güell and its mosaics
  • Casa Vicens, the first work of the artist
  • The Sagrada Familia and its high perched fruits
  • Casa Milà with its hallucinating facade that looks like a troglodyte house
  • The Crypt of the Colony Güell or the Church with unfinished twisted columns

However, other beautiful things will punctuate your stay in Barcelona such as the visit of the historic center (Barrio Gótico), the Botanical Garden of Montjuïc Hill, the Picasso Museum or the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC).

Madrid on its side offers a more classic architecture but just as beautiful to see. Here are some examples of monuments not to be missed:

  • The royal palace: especially, remember to get up on Wednesday morning to attend the changing of the royal guard!
  • The door of Moncloa or the bow of victory: erected by the dictator Francisco Franco to symbolize his victory during the civil war (1939), it is today a place of exhibition.
  • The Zarzuela Palace: this is the current residence of the royal family.
  • The Prado Museum: it includes works from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century, you can see the masterpieces of Velasquez or Goya.


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