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Home Safe – 4 Ways to Boost Your Household Security

Home Safe – 4 Ways to Boost Your Household Security

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Benjamin Franklin once said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” A couple of centuries later, this statement has never been truer. In an increasingly dangerous world, we’re locked in a battle to balance security with privacy and personal freedoms.  When it comes to our homes, most of us want to keep our families safe at any cost, even if it means compromising on privacy. Read on to discover our suggestions for ways to keep your property safe while maintaining control of your privacy and data.

Smart Locks.

Many intelligent locking systems can be entirely managed by the homeowner with entry granted only to those that require access to your property. Because they’re designed to be easy to operate, almost anyone with the correct credentials can use them. You may want to consider choosing to install a Bluetooth door lock as these models usually don’t need to connect to your WiFi, making them essentially hack proof. They also generally carry the added advantage of being able to control access remotely, so if you have helpers such as cleaners or dog walkers who need to be let in while you’re out, you don’t need to give them their own access key, unless you want to.


Another great way to improve the security of your premises is to install sensors. These wonderful creations are incredibly versatile and can perform many functions depending on the model you choose. At the simplest level, sensor lights can provide convenience to yourself and your family by illuminating the way to your door. However, they can also deter would-be criminals, making them an important addition for both convenience and security. If you want to get more advanced, smart sensors can send an alert to your mobile when someone enters or leaves your premises or even integrate with any alarms or smart locks you have installed on the premises.


Alarm systems have also become far more advanced and easier to manage in recent years. When this technology originally became available, it was generally highly complex and required the management of a third party company. These days, however, most alarm systems can be fully controlled and monitored by their owners. Many systems will operate autonomously and send all collected data to a device of your choice, leaving you to sit back and relax with the knowledge that your home is protected and will inform you if it’s ever breached.


Likewise, most home security camera systems can also operate with perfect efficiency without external management. This removes concerns about the random person they employ and leaves you in complete control of things such as placement, data storage and recording schedules. In many cases, you can even link your cameras with your alarm, if they’re compatible, so you can be sure that they’ll catch that critical footage if anyone with nefarious motives manages to get inside.

Securing your home no longer requires outsourcing or worrying about whether your data is adequately protected. Not only are these advancements great for privacy but they also generally come with a major price reduction when compared to third-party managed security applications. Look into what’s best for you and your family and implement what you feel works best. There’s no better feeling than resting easy knowing you’ve done everything you can to protect your home and loved ones.

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