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Home Transformation: How To Make It Conducive For Homeschooling

Home Transformation: How To Make It Conducive For Homeschooling

There’s a popular Swahili saying, which goes like “Kuzaa si kazi, kazi ni kulea.” In plain English, this translates to “Giving birth is no work, the work is in bringing the child up.” Well, scratch that, regardless of your career, ethnicity, or level of education, parenting is one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever come across. Especially if your kid/s are the school-going age, juggling between your work, social, and parenting life can be a tiresome load, one that you, unfortunately, have to carry come rain or high waters. However, it gets easier if you have some planning and organizational skills, and as time goes by!

Now, if you’re a parent, you’ll agree that life is much easier and more manageable when your kids are at school. Yes, you love your kids so much, but there’s a high chance you feel more at peace when they’re away at school making a life for themselves and pursuing their goals. When they’re at school, you also don’t have to keep yelling, cursing, grounding or punishing anyone. But let’s face it, the year has several holiday breaks and when your kids are home, it’s important they carry on with their studies, lest they forget everything they learned over the past semester. In a nutshell, this means transforming a dedicated part of your home into a classroom of sorts. The surrounding environment should also be conducive for learning, especially in terms of comfort and calm.

Whether you want your kids to study from home throughout or you just need them to keep up with their studies at home when on holiday, here are some tips you can use to transform your home and make it conducive for homeschooling.

Think Comfort

A person’s ability to concentrate heavily relies on comfort. In other words, comfort issues such as a smelling bathroom drain or a room that is too hot/cold can make it impossible for your kid to concentrate when studying. This means that if you have plumbing or HVAC issues and you’re planning to transform your home into a conducive home-schooling environment, you may want to click here to see how a certified HVAC contractor can help make your dream a reality. Once you get these comfort issues around your home addressed, it becomes easier to create a wonderful and comfortable study space your kids will love to study in.

Create A Study Space

There’s a good reason they call the classrooms… rooms where classes are successful and conveniently held! To create a conducive homeschooling environment, you’ll need to create a convenient study space, which means choosing a designated space in your home you deem best for studying. It should be easily accessible, but also free from distractions. Before you think of anything else, the space you choose should be enough to fit at least a study desk and a chair, both ergonomic to prevent backaches, neck sprains and other injuries your kids could suffer from sitting long hours without proper posture.

You may also want to introduce a cabinet or some shelves to hold books and other study essentials, especially if the desk doesn’t have drawers. The size and number of desks to include may depend on how many users you want your homeschooling space to accommodate. Also, ensure that the study space is well lit with both natural and synthetic lighting to prevent eye strains.

Gather The Supplies

Now that you have a designated space and furniture in check, the next thing is to find out which supplies your kids will need. In general, these may include pens, books, paper, files, labels, bookmarks, and perhaps a laptop, just to name a few. You may also want to include a clock and a calendar. However, the needed supplies will largely depend on the grade your kid is in, so be sure to conduct some research and consult them as well as their teachers.

Keep The Space Organized

Discipline is a crucial driving factor as far as gaining knowledge is concerned. It’s why conventional schools emphasize and instill discipline in students. To lead by example, try to keep the space surrounding the study area as organized as possible, depending on your kid’s ability to do it for themselves. If they’re old enough to do it, you may want to get a bit strict in ensuring that the area is ever tidy and organized, that is, before, during, and after studies.

Take Care of Possible Noise and Distractions

Noise and distractions don’t go well with studies… it’s that simple. A convenient homeschooling space should be free from these. This means blocking or preventing noises and distractions from the TV or music that may be coming from the neighbor, the next room or nearby space. Phones and tablets should also be kept away during studies. However, some people grasp concepts and studies better when there’s some soft music (of their choice) playing in the background.

Clearly, homeschooling is not the easiest of things, especially for a parent who’s trying to see their kids study from home. However, it mostly depends on how conducive the environment is for studies. With the few tips above, you hopefully can see your kids return to school next semester sharper than the previous one, and the one before that.


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