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Horse Riding Is One Activity That Anyone Can Undertake And Enjoy

Horse Riding Is One Activity That Anyone Can Undertake And Enjoy

Horses are beautiful animals they are elegant, and when they arewell trained, they can perform many tasks. Horses are domestic animals, and they are sociable, the horses are used for many purposes they can be used for horse riding, horse racing, polo, vaulting, rodeo, and many other purposes. When well trained they can be used by the police department and for competitive sports.Horses have been domesticated along time back; it dates back to 4000BC when they were used for transport mainly in the beginning. 

They are usually still used for transportation till today but that happens very rarely these days owning a horse is a luxury, not a necessity. A carriage is attached to the horses to carry loads or carry human from one place to another. Horses are an asset, and when one is trained in horse riding, the riders become an asset tooso that they can pass on their wisdom to another. Depending on the breed, management, and environment a horse life expectancy can be somewhere between 25 -30 years.

Horse riding is a sport loved by many. Sometimes referred to as equestrianism, horse riding can be enjoyed by everyone although it’s a training that few succeed because riding a horse is not a simple thing; it is difficult and to master the sport, one has to be skilled. Horseback riding is mostly done by professionals.To learn horse riding, lesson and classes are essential for a beginner and here are a few tips

If you’re keen on a horse riding lesson gearing up for it is as important as seeking professional help. To learn horse riding one has to get ready physically and mentally.

Gearing up

One has to gear up appropriately for the lessons. Wearing comfortable pants and shirt is necessary even your footwear should be knee length boots. Remember that shorts are a big no-no. Wearing a helmet is a must because prevention equals cure, although if you’re taking a lesson, all these will be provided by the trainer even though they might not provide you with these accessories they will instruct you with the clothes and the appropriate accessories.

Practice makes perfect 

Taking any lesson one has to practice, only practice makes a man perfect so be patient andlisten to your trainer. He/she knows better than you, and you shouldfollow their instruction carefully and zealously. Don’t be in a rush to learn it and make sure that you’re in control of the horse once you get on it. If you don’t learn at first keep trying because like any sport it requires alot ofpractice.

Be curious 

The best way to learn anything is to be curious and ask questions. Many questions need to be answered, whether it’s how to get ontop of the horse or how to put your foot on the saddle,how to control the horse and many other questions which would boggle your mind. Don’t be afraid to ask these questions to your trainer. He /she too would be happy to explain to you and answer all your queries.

Take theinstructions 

Your trainer would have alot ofinformation andinstructions; therefore, take the timeto listen to them. Especially in thebeginning of a lesson, any instructors would not advise you to get on top of the horse and ride away it’ll take about 2 to 3 days for youto get on top of the horse and to maneuver it will take more than 3 months at least.But be patient and listen to instructions carefully

It’s very important to have a close bond with your horse because you’ll be training around 1 or 2 years to be really able to maneuver the horse on your own so be comfortable with it and be friendly towards it but do not get too close on your own because afterall its an animal, and it might be dangerous also. These are a few things to remember when approaching the horse 

Keep frontal

Always remember to approach your horse from the front because approachingthe horse from the back can threaten it and it might just kick you so make sure to be on its sight, so it doesn’t get shocked and attack you. 

Being alert

Another thing you’ve got to be while being with a horseis to be alert of it and all its movements. The trainer will be very comfortable with the horse so oversee him/her so you can learn fast. Although it’s ok to take your time to learn but be alert while the trainer is teaching you how to get on top of the horseand how to maneuver it.

Another thing to remember about your lessons is to get the right trainer.Horseriding will require youat least 1 or 2 years to learn so getting the right trainer will help fill in the gap. The right trainer will lead you to learn faster, and it will be easier for you to communicate and talk about your highs and lows.

Getting a local trainer

The most convenient thing for you to do is to get a local trainer. Somebody who stays nearby willmotivate you to go for your lessons daily. Try to get a trainer within walking distance.

How much will it cost?

Another thing to estimate is how much will the lessons cost and plan accordingly. You’ve got todo some research and find out the amount it’ll cost for the lessons. Different trainers charge differently so try to get the best price suitable for you.

Is your trainer qualified?

Another thing to check before starting any class is if your trainer is qualified. Checking his /her credentials is necessary as this will determine how experienced they are in this field. An experienced trainer can teach better and have more advice than an under-qualifiedtrainer.

Doing some research 

Another way to know about your trainer is to do some research and askother students about his/her qualifications and experience. For horse riding lessons St Louis you can find plenty of references. 

Once you follow all these steps it will become easy to learn horse riding and enjoy it. 


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