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Hosting Backyard Parties in the Age of Social Distancing

Hosting Backyard Parties in the Age of Social Distancing

People are being careful right now when it comes to who they are spending time around and what they are doing when they are with their friends. As people are focused on social distancing, you want to make sure that any kind of a party that you put on is one where your guests will feel comfortable. You can, in fact, put on a party in your backyard in the age of social distancing and have it work out well. You can even entertain during this time and make sure that all of your guests feel good while they are with you.

Make Sure You Know What Your Local Regulations Are

Some regions are putting a limit on the sizes of crowds that can gather, and you want to make sure that you are following the rules in your area when you are putting on a party. You might be able to have ten guests at your home, or you may be able to have more than that. Make sure that you know how many individuals you can invite to your home, and understand that the guidelines might be different if your party is being held outside versus in your home.

Set Up Eating Areas Where Guests Can Sit and Relax

If you are inviting a few couples to your backyard party, you should consider setting up individual tables for each of the couples. Let everyone sit in a spot where they are not going to be at risk of spreading or getting germs. People like to relax while eating, and you do not want anyone to worry that they might spread germs while enjoying the food that you are offering them. Set up small tables that are spaced apart from one another and allow your guests to go on a mini-date in your yard while out enjoying life with one another.

Find Someone to Serve Food to Your Guests

If you are trying to keep everyone distanced apart, you do not want to have all of your food set up on a counter where your guests will have to walk along and fill their plates. You want your guests to be able to settle in at their safe tables and then have food brought to them. You should find someone who will serve pre-filled plates of food to your guests and allow them to receive their food without getting too close to anyone. You might consider having the food waiting on the table when your guests come up to it to truly limit their interaction with the server.

Consider Watching a Movie and Setting Up Distanced Seating

If you are trying to figure out what you will be able to do for entertainment during your party, you might think about setting up a projector outside and playing a movie. You can set up chairs for your guests, distancing them from one another, or allow your guests to watch the movie from the table that they ate at. Have your invited guests let you know if they are going to make it to your party or not so that you can know how to set up the seating for the movie that you will be playing.

Consider Using Fire Pit and Clustering Your Guests Around It

A wood-burning fire pit is another great option if you are looking to entertain your guests without having them get too close to one another. You can have a wood-burning fire pit going in your yard and have chairs set up in couple or family clusters around that fire pit. Give everyone space so that they can feel comfortable, and set everyone up in a circle where they will be able to talk and visit with one another.

Let Guests Know About Precautions You are Taking Ahead of Time

If you want your guests to feel comfortable, you should let them know what types of precautions you will be taking when you first invite them to your yard. You should let them know who will be attending your party, and you might consider letting them know what jobs the other guests have so that they know how great their risk is. You should help your guests understand what you are asking of them as they come to your party, and you should ask the guests to stay home if they are feeling sick.

Think About Who You Will Be Inviting

As you plan out a party during the age of social distancing, you want to make sure that you think about who you will be having attend the party. If there are a few of your friends who you have been spending time with during this time and who are part of the group that you feel safe being around, you might consider inviting those people to your party. If you have friends who are not only friends with you but also friends with one another and seeing one another, you should consider getting those people together. Make the most of your party by inviting people who are going to feel comfortable around one another and who will be happy to visit with one another.

You Can Put on a Party in the Age of Social Distancing

When you are putting together any kind of a party, your guests are on your mind and you want to do all that you can to keep them comfortable. When you are planning a party in the age of social distancing, make sure that you provide your guests with hand sanitizer and a place where they can go to wash their hands. Make sure that you give your guests their space and that you take steps to help them feel safe. Follow your gut when it comes to putting on a party during this time, and cancel the party if you start to feel unwell or you just don’t feel that it is right to put it on for one reason or another.


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